Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tajik Mullah's Bizarre "Infertility Treatments" Could Land Him In Jail

A Tajik Mullah's so-called 'infertility treatments' have landed him in beaucoup trouble. Apparently, someone videotaped the married pervert's bizarre session with a 26-year-old woman (as he recites the Quran), and it somehow wound up on YouTube, as these things often do. No-one seems to know who actually videotaped the whole episode, but he'd have to be an idiot to have done it himself.

Asadullo Ibrohimov is facing up to 7 years in jail for fraud and sexual misconduct. However, he refuses to fess up, claiming only partial guilt because "the woman forced him to do what he did." 

The mullah's wife is standing by her man, and family have placed total blame on the victim, even though it's quite obvious from the video that he's the instigator.

"It's her fault, entirely. Can't you see on the video that the woman willingly embraces his shoulders?"
A link to the video and more on the story at RFE/RL.

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