Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Video: Egyptian Lawyer Arrested For Surfing Israeli Websites

Ayman, an Egyptian lawyer, who was surfing Israeli websites in an Internet Cafe was arrested as a Mossad spy after the owner called security forces.

Ayman wants peace with Israel and is learning Hebrew, but according to the woman interviewing Ayman and the man who turned him in, the "people" in the Middle East do not.

Some snippets of the conversation:

Interviewer (no hijab, mind you):

"Are you telling me that you- an intellectual and a lawyer - are not aware that it is written in both the Quran and the New Testament that the (Jews) want a state from the Nile to the Euphrates, and want to divide the Middle East into mini-states, and that America and Israel have devised a global plot to take over the Middle East? [snip] You live according to a far-fetched agenda, talking about peace..."

And the snitch owner scoffs at one of the messages Ayman received:
"You are the State of Israel's eternal ambassador in Egypt."  
Claiming that anyone who wants normalization with Israel must be a spy.

Anyone who thinks that peace in the Middle East is possible in the foreseeable future is a fool.

But at least someone is trying.

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