Saturday, October 05, 2013

Syrian Nun Believes Chemical Attack Videos Were Fabricated

In an interview with Lebanon's al-Jadeed TV, this Syrian Christian nun- Mother Agnes Mariam head of St. Jacob outside of Damascus- questions the validity of the videos of the chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta that convinced much of the world that the Syrian government was behind it all. The amount of parentless child victims seemed to raise a red flag, along with the fact that some of those children were identified by residents of Latakia as kids who had been kidnapped by rebel forces prior to the attack.

She also claims that some of those videos of the child victims were uploaded to the Internet two hours after the attack, and finished around 6 hours thereafter.

Some of the reasons she has questions and believes the videos were fabricated:

Why were there so many children and no parents?  At 2 a.m.

There were no parents in the videos.

Why are all the children in shrouds labeled "unknown"?

In two of the videos, one young child they videotaped allegedly in the throes of death is found in five different locations, within a three hour period, including one where he was being treated. (Although I couldn't really tell.)

In part 2, Mother Agnes makes a case for why she believes the tapes of the dead children were made prior to the incident.

And why was there only one video of a mass grave with only ten people?

Proof or not, it's interesting.

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