Monday, October 28, 2013

UPDATE: Questions about CBS 60 Minutes' Benghazi Report An Indictment Against Obama Administration

UPDATE: 11/8/13:  Apparently, "Morgan Jones" lied about actually being at the compound and seeing Amb. Stevens' dead body at the hospital, so now CBS and Lara Logan are apologizing for the story. What I'd like to know is- was he actually lying to CBS about having witnessed the attack, or did he lie to his bosses in Libya because he was not meant to be there.  I guess we will never know.  Story here, on The Blaze.

CBS' 60 Minutes spent a year investigating the Benghazi terror attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans in Libya. It's a major indictment against the Obama administration for clearly ignoring the obvious warning signs of an impending, co-ordinated, planned terror attack by Al Qaeda, including 'Black Flags' flying over government buildings, and then lying about the fact that it was much more than a video that sparked the violence.

Lara Logan interviews several people including Morgan Jones (pseudonym), a British security guy hired to protect American diplomats, who talks about the inadequate security at the U.S. compound that he spent way too much time complaining about. to no avail.

Lt. Col. Andy Wood, a Green Beret Commander in Tripoli who was in contact with Amb. Stevens every day, talks about how the attack should have been expected since Al Qaeda had threatened to attack The Red Cross, the British Ambassador and then Americans, and they'd accomplished the first two. Again, nothing was done.

And for at least a week after the attack, the Obama Administration kept blaming an anti-Islam film for what happened in Benghazi.

Read Transcript here.

Legal Insurrection has links to Twitter posts, and relevant videos where we were lied to.

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