Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Compassion of Islam: Taliban kill sick S. Korean hostage

One of the South Koreans held hostage by the Taliban was found dead, in central Afghanistan, with 10 bullet wounds to his head, stomach and chest.

Per A.P. News :
The Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmadi, said earlier that the hostage was killed because Afghan authorities hadn't met their demands to release other militants from prison. A police official who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation said militants told him the hostage was sick and couldn't walk and was therefore shot.
So, like a wounded animal, an innocent civilian, there to help the people of Afghanistan, was "put down"- killed, without dignity or respect for the sanctity of human life, as if he was some rabid, mangy dog. Islamic apologists claim that Islam does not advocate violence against innocents, and yet it happens all the time.

They released a few of the other South Korean hostages, but there is some indication that it might have been as a result of a large ransom paid. An Afghani official
"involved in the negotiations said earlier a large ransom would be paid to free eight of the hostages. The official spoke on condition he not be identified citing the sensitivity of the matter, and no other officials would confirm the account. Foreign governments are suspected to have paid for the release of hostages in Afghanistan in the past but have either kept it quiet or denied it outright."
So, not only are they fanatical, religious zealots, they are also common, criminal thugs. If it's true they are collecting hefty ransoms, (which is more than likely true) the kidnappings continue to finance their militant activities. Kidnapping seems to have become a cottage industry, in that region. Apparently, 26 foreigners have been abducted in Afghanistan in the past week. A Danish journalist, of Afghani origin, was almost kidnapped recently, but managed to escape.

If these people had any honour, they would leave civilians alone, but it's their way of trying to force foreign governments (through the outcries of their people) to withdraw troops from that region. Do they realize what would happen if we removed all foreign personnel from Afghanistan and Iraq? And if we remove our troops, we should remove all AID workers, etc.! Who would build their dams? Who would help rebuild their country? Their infrastructure would crumble.

Maybe we should do that, and see what happens. Perhaps they would quickly change their tune. Though, I doubt it.


Honey Digra said...

I bet ya' it wouldn't make any difference to them....

Karen said...

That story is disgusting. I'm not surprised, though. These Islamofacists are not even good enough to be called animals.

I pray for the rest of the hostages. It's a damn shame that the msm ignores such hostage stories.

Pat Jenkins said...

isn't it amazing the left has continually attacked our troops for their civilian "atrocities", but the only way a terrorist can wage war is against innocences, and they have done just that. yet we don't hear a peep from the libs. go figure!!! nice post incog.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

The left will never acknowledge the atrocities of their selected "
Freedom Fighters". Any group they designate as the underdog is automatically protected from ratioanal criticism.

WomanHonorThyself said...

If these people had any honour, they would leave civilians alone..youre so right Incog..honor?.ha..yea they kill women for honor!.spit!

Strawberry said...

Incog - Unfortunately, if we pulled our troops out (and the Aid workers) - it wouldn't be these animals that would suffer. It would be the people in the countrysides who want the help! These creeps would still do what it is they do, and continue on their merry way!

Good post! :)

American Interests said...

Strawberry's comments need to be stressed. If the U.S. and its coalition partners left in haste or otherwise, ordinary civilians would suffer no end ... The 42 year old South Korean victim travelled overseas twice yearly to volunteer in humanitarian missions and to think, as you said in an earlier post, 'South Korea has no combat troops there, only engineers and medical personnel"...

MUD said...

Guys, this bunch of creeps will blow up their own children. We expect them to play nice with someone from another country? They need to pray to Allah that we don't just decide to play Cowboys and Arabs like they do and just kill them. But, that would not be like a civilized country. We liberate and then vacate. They kill. MUD

Debbie said...

American soldiers are reprimanded for "double tap" to make sure the bad guy is dead. The Taliban shoot a sick hostage in the head 10 times. That is the difference is "us" and "them".

Frasypoo said...

I know for a fact that India pays them or rather they ask for one of their jailed people back for a whole planeful of hijacked people !
its so sickening
There is something wrong with our govt who have a problem with US soldiers being"mean"to the prisoners.I think our problem is that we treat them like people,terrorists are not people !

Incognito said...

HONEY: Hi and thanks for visiting. My humble blog. You're right.. it probably wouldn't.. sadly.

KAREN: It really is terrible. Like biting the hand that feeds you. SHows a tremendous amount of ingratitude and inhumanity.

PATJ: Well, it's kind of typical. The whole self loathing issue. If we condemn our own, then maybe people won't hate us so much.

BCF: Yes, unfortunately. Kind of like they're uncivilized so they're entitled to.

ANGEL: Indeed.. partic. the innocent women and children!

STRAWB: I know... but maybe if they did suffer enough, they might take things into their own hands and not support the insurgents by allowing them to live amongst them. I don't know. All very sad.

AI: I agree, I don't think we should, because it will open a huge pandora's box. Re. the 42 year old S. Korean. That makes it even more tragic!

MUD: I know. All in the name of religion!

DEB: Absolutely. And there's very little outrage, outside the blogosphere.

FRASY: I think there's a lot more of that, going on, too. No-one wants to admit it because they don't want to admit to giving in to terrorist demands. But as long as they do, they will continue to kidnap for ransom.
And you have a point. It's a totally different ball of wax.. POWs and Terrorists.