Friday, July 06, 2007

The suffering children under Islam

What I find most heartbreaking and disturbing is what young children suffer through as Muslims and non-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries. Like women, children are considered chattel, with not much more importance placed on their lives as a cow or a goat. At least that's how it seems. They are offered up, at times, as human sacrifices for their parents' perverse ideological and religious beliefs. Mothers in Palestine (and elsewhere) encourage their children to aspire to Jihad rather than a University education. Like British Islamic religious leader Yassin Nassari's wife, Dutch national Bouchra El Hor , who actively encouraged her husband to embrace radicalism and offered herself and their 5-month old son for martyrdom! They were caught with missile blueprints and instructions on how to make a bomb (to be used against the West) on their way back into the UK from Amsterdam. The sad truth is that not all terrorist wannabees are uneducated, disenfranchised youth. This man was born in London and University educated, although he failed to obtain his degree because his interests turned to Islamic fanaticism instead.

Disabled children are considered even more of a disposable commodity. Insurgents, In Iraq, packed a Down Syndrome child full of explosives and sent him off, as a suicide bomber, to blow up a polling place during the elections back in 2005. He succeeded. And not long ago, U.S. soldiers discovered a group of naked, malnourished special-needs orphans in an Iraqi Orphanage tied, like animals, to their small cots. The soldiers initially thought they were dead. Surprisingly, there were cupboards full of food and new clothing that had obviously not been utilized for these young boys. 24 in total. They speculate that those items were probably being sold on the black market. The only heart warming aspect of the video is at the end where the soldiers are seen handing out stuffed toys, and stroking and touching the children's hands. Something you won't see much of in the msm. The boys were obviously starved for human affection.

Video H/T: Olbroad Not only Muslim children suffer at the hands of Islam, innocent children of other faiths are often brutally murdered for being infidels. Remember the Indonesian girls who were ambushed on their way to their private Christian school? 3 of them were beheaded (warning graphic photos), their heads found a few miles from where their bodies were found. And the children of Beslan? 1,200 people were taken hostage at a school in Beslan by Chechen Muslim rebels. 376 people were killed, 186 of those were children. Children are murdered in the name of Islam daily: collateral damage in suicide bombings, used as human shields in acts of cowardice, pawns in a deadly game of "Mohammed Says: kill the Infidels." Mothers callously bid farewell to their suicide bomber kids as if they were simply sending them off to summer camp, as opposed to their death; proud that their little Ahmed will take his own life and the lives of the many innocents they might happen to cross paths with at the time. Children want to please their parents, and those parents who instill in their child's mind that there is pride and glory in Jihad are as guilty of murder as their offspring who might end up splattered all over some street in Haifa. Teach Kids Peace has some interesting articles on child suicide bombers. Here are some quotes from parents:

  "I'm prepared to sacrifice my six children," said Mahmoud Sumara's mother, Halima. "I'm serious. I don't mind if I lose them if that brings back al-Aqsa..." (NBC News) ▪ "I pray that G-d will choose them (to be martyrs)," says the father of a 13-year-old. (New York Times) ▪ "I am happy that he [my 13-year-old son] has been martyred. I will sacrifice all my sons and daughters (12 in all) to Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem." (London Times) ▪ "If I had 20 children I would send them all down (to fight), I wouldn't spare any of them. We're not scared of death." (Associated Press) ▪ Mother on PA TV, January 2003: (view video) "He would always dream of Shahada [martyrdom]. It was his first and last goal in life. I told him: 'Dear, we all want to be Shahids.' He said: 'In this entire world, I can't think of anyone to marry. I don't think of any girls of this world to marry. I want to marry the Dark Eyed (Virgins of Paradise).' I said: 'If these are his thoughts, I wish him Shahada.' Ah yes, a mother's love. Obviously, not all mother's wish Shahada (martyrdom) for their children, but a Palestinian Psychologist, Dr. Shafiq Massalha claims that "more than half of Palestinian children aged 6 to 11 dream of becoming suicide bombers." And quotes from children: "When I wander into Jerusalem I will become a suicide bomber." proclaims a young Palestinian, age 9. (Palestinian TV children's show, "The Children's Club") "I come here to say that we will throw them to the quiet sea. Occupiers, your day is near, then we will settle our account. We will settle our claims with stones and bullets," an 8-year-old boy announces. (Palestinian TV children's show, "The Children's Club") "My heartfelt conviction is to launch a Jihad war," says a 4-year-old. (Palestinian TV children's show, "The Children's Club") "I want to die as a martyr. I will go straight to paradise if I do that," said a 12-year-old Palestinian boy. (Times of London) Dr. Massalha conducted a study that has led him to believe that within 10 years or so, with the continued indoctrination of Palestinian children with hatred and the love of Shahada, they will be unleashing upon the west a virulent army of Jihadists. Mahatma Ghandi said that "To reach real peace in this world.... we shall have to begin with children". It's obviously not going to happen with the children of Palestine.


Pat Jenkins said...

a great post incog. the lack of seeing them as indivuals allows them to abuse these children in a way they do, and the cowardice, or pride, in allowing ones child to blow another human being up is sick.

Karen said...

Really sad, isn't it. Also really scary since we'll be living in the times when they grow up and try to live as they have been taught with the hate and violence.

The biggest challenge to the indoctrination process to me is that the Islamofacists live in a culture of death and as Americans it is hard to grasp that idea. Ours is a culture of life.

The Ghandi quote is right on the mark.

Incognito said...

PAT: and their women.. but that's another post in itself. But it is kind of sick how many of these families in Palestine seem to breeding children solely for the purpose of Shahada. That is the ultimate in depravity. And they do give birth to many children.

KAREN: Yes, it is very scary, particularly because so many people refuse to see it for the problem that it is and will become. Apart from the blog world, people are totally in denial.

Debbie said...

Excellent article on the children. I think Hamas and Hezbollah are the worst, in my opinion. They train their children from birth to wear the suicide belts, the halloween outfits,to life-breath-eat nothing but hatred for all things not-Islam. It's abuse pure and simple. How can we expect children raised like that to be any different, they never see love, peace, cooperation among religions or nationalities.

Strawberry said...

Hey Incog! Hope you enjoyed those tofu dogs!

What a sad place! It is extremely difficult for Americans to grasp this type of indoctrination in the children. Our society is losing its value for the children, but we haven't gotten to that point yet! I pray we never will!

How do you reach the children of a nation that raises them on hatred of everything but Islam?!

Freedomnow said...

How in the world could I have avoided linking my blog to Teach Kids Peace? I have corrected that error thanks Incognito.

Thanks for the video, it shows the true character of our troops.

Frasypoo said...

That is so sick and the picture of that little boy with what I think were bombs strapped onto him was so heartbreaking.
What I wonder is where are the parents that would lay down their lives for their children?Instead these sickos send their little children off to war....
We had a guest speaker at church,Joel Rosenberg and he talked about Hamas and the west Bank and all that and because of you I could actually comprehend what he was talking about!
Thanks Incog

WomanHonorThyself said...

excellent work Incog..ah yes the children who are so brainwashed they wish to murder at age 5!!!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Incog,
This is Rosenbergs blog.

Panhandle Poet said...


Incognito said...

DEBBIE: Thank you so much. They really are the worst...but most of the Middle Eastern countries air tv shows etc. that preach hatred of religions other than Islam. Saudi schools are infamous for that. It definitely *is* abuse.

STRAWB: I did indeed.. though the brand of Tofu dogs wasn't the best. :-) How do you reach the children who are raised with hate? Not sure and that's what's so frightening. And yes, our children are becoming pretty messed up, as well.. but for other reasons.

FREEDOMNOW: It's a great site! I need to link, as well. I wasn't aware of them before this post. And yes, it does... there are a few bad apples, but that's in every sector of society. Sad thing is the media loves to emphasize those.

FRASY: It is sickening.. and there are hundreds of pictures like that all over the place. Ive heard of the name before Poo. Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

ANGEL: Imagine at age 5! and younger..

PAN: More than tragic.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

I have no opinion on Tofu dogs, however that our leftish msm continues to ignore the tragedy of women & children under Islam is tragic.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Excellent work! I had never looked at Islam from the angle of how children are treated before. Reminds me of how we have seen serial killers showing early signs of their depravity by the fact that they mutilate or torture animals. America should get a clue that THIS ARE NOT PEOPLE WITH WHOM YOU CAN NEGOTIATE!

Incognito said...

Hehehe, BCF.... tofu dogs can be very tasty..

UGLYNG: Thank you. Generally speaking, they treat their children and women terribly. And no... you can't reason with irrational people. Sadly.

Anonymous said...

Instead of pondering on how bad it is that these children have such a vengeful hate, I think we should ask why these children hate the "occupiers" and Israelis in countries like Palestine, and Iraq.

And there are reasons. For one, Palestine was seized entirely by a group of people who took their property and land, and still do to this today. People still have the deeds and keys to the homes that were taken away from them. This view is not just shared amongst young Palestinians, it is also viewed by some former presidents of the United States.

Jimmy Carter wrote a book called Palestine - Peace Not Apartheid, relating that the way the Israelis were treating the Palestinians was only comparable to Apartheid. Jimmy Carter is not a Muslim, nor an extremist. But he shares this particular opinion with the majority of Muslims all over the world. So if you don't like to believe what Muslims say, then read the book Palestine - Peace Not Apartheid, and remember that this book was written without bias in the hands of a former president of the United States.

So I humbly ask you, Why? Why do young Palestinians carry so much hate towards those people?

Well if a gang of thugs came with guns into your neighborhood and carried a book, that said "this land is ours, God said so" and shot your father, raped your sister stole all your belongings, and then kicked you out of your house - well then maybe you would understand the feeling of that small Palestinian child, and understand that the only aspiration he has is to die killing those who have ruined his life.

Its true, two wrongs don't make a right. But how is a small Palestinian child supposed to understand that.

Incognito said...

Hello Anon. I'm probably responding for no reason, because usually people with your opinions don't return, but first of all Israel was handed their tiny piece of land by the U.N. they did not take it without world approval.

As for Jimmy Carter- if you've read any of my posts about him, you will realize I have absolutely *no* respect for this man. So I place no credibility on anything whatsoever that he has to say. And I also have no respect for the intolerance and violence that seems to be part and parcel of the Muslim world. so... you won't persuade me there, either.

Bottom line, Arabs and most Muslims (I won't say all because there are some who do support Israel) believe that Israel should not exist. I believe they have every right to. If the Muslims and anyone else who harbors such hatred in their hearts for others could just relinquish this hatred, we would have world peace. And it starts with teaching your children to love not to hate. Problem is- most love to hate, so it 'aint gonna happen. Sadly.


P.S. I always find it interesting how most people with your opinion lack the courage to post a name and feel the need to post Anonymously.