Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UPDATE: con found

The face of an idiot

So, Austin CBS affiliate (CBS42) did some investigating, and tracked down the moron who created the website That truly tasteless ploy to scam people out of money that I blogged about, a short while back.

As expected there was no young couple "with child", and no potential baby to be aborted if they didn't receive $50,000.00 by a certain date. It turns out some hapless 25 year old idiot decided it would be fun to create debate about the abortion issue, or so he says. And who might this cretin be? None other than Matthew Schiros, owner of InvisiHosting, the webhosting company that hosts

After initially denying having anything to do with the creation of the site, Schiros eventually caved in (that is, after the Austin P.D. paid him a visit) and admitted that:

“…it’s a joke” designed to “…further the national debate…” about abortion in America…” In other words, this is one man’s effort to push people’s emotional buttons and strike a chord of public reaction outrage that apparently is successful. Thousands of people have commented or responded to the site and its intention and web bloggers are in a cyber frenzy."

"Politically speaking he previously considered himself a “…conservative…” but now says his views lean more towards being an “anarchist…” He also claims to support, not oppose, legal abortion although he says he strongly disagrees with the Roe-v-Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision, calling it “…stupid….”

His website is still up and running, but the sick puppy has replaced the original appeal with revolting photos of aborted fetuses, and a message that says:


There was never a baby, you got fooled, no money was collected. 200,000 people got pranked. Suck it. tell us what you thought.

He claims that there was no money collected, but I would venture to say there was. I would hope that he takes that money and starts therapy, post-haste, because it's obvious he desperately needs it!

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Pat Jenkins said...

amen to that incog, and let's hope there was no money was collected!!!!

Frasypoo said...

Slimy git !Hope they stick him in jail!!

Panhandle Poet said...

I think you are overly generous in what should be done to him. I "drawn and quartered" still practiced anywhere?

WomanHonorThyself said...

a joke?!..He's the joke!..toss him in the slammer..see how fast he laughs then!!!

Karen said...

Lots of sick people out there.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Egads, what a slimer.

Strawberry said...

Put him in jail and let the inmates deal with him! They have a really funny sense of justice and I'm sure would be glad to see it carried out on him!

Incognito said...

Not sure what they will do with him, if anything. Though they should.

I still think there were probably gullible enough people to think it might be legit who donated money. He had a paypal account.

Too bad these young kids don't do something to better the world.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This guy needs some very intensive therapy, and I'm being serious. The whole scam is illogical and sick!!