Friday, July 27, 2007

Hugo Chavez: Me, Tyrant? You, go home!

Tyrant-child Chavez is throwing a tantrum once again, and declaring that anyone who calls him a "tyrant" or anything else derogatory, will be thrown out of his country. I guess that's his prerogative considering, after all, it's his dang sandbox, and he can do whatever he darn well pleases. He calls it a "question of national dignity', I call it a question of undignified stupidity.

Looks like Chavezito took great offense when Mexican politician Manuel Espino (president of Mexico's conservative National Action Party)
accused Mr Chavez of seeking to extend his rule indefinitely through his proposed constitutional reforms at a recent conference on democracy and freedom of expression [in Caracas].
Not that he called him a tyrant, per se. But, it obviously touched a nerve.

Without actually naming names, Chavez lashed out, in a 6 hour televised speech [zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz], ordering
cabinet ministers to monitor statements by visitors and deport them if they "denigrated" his leadership. He then asked:"How long are we going to allow a person - from any country in the world - to come to our own house to say there's a dictatorship here, that the president is a tyrant, and nobody does anything about it?......No foreigner, whoever he may be, can come here and attack us. Whoever comes, we must remove him from the country. Here is your bag, sir, go."

Chavez has a serious problem with criticism! Maybe a little therapy would help, though I doubt it. Men like Chavez, Kim Jong-Il, Ahmadinejad and pretty much any dictator (past and present) all seem to have several things in common:

1. Major personality disorders, from narcissism to delusions of grandeur, sprinkled in with a little paranoia.


2. The love of power.

No amount of therapy would help.

And this isn't the first time Chavez has threatened to give foreigners the boot. Back in April 2006, Chavez warned U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield, that he faced expulsion if he continued with his charity work in poor neighborhoods. His offense: handing out baseballs, gloves and other gear to poor kids. Yes, believe it or not, that incident prompted Information Minister Willian Lara to call Brownfield a

"bully" and trying to influence public opinion. [Lara then stated that] “William Brownfield is more active than any Venezuelan opposition leader. You don’t see the ambassadors of Norway, China, or any other country ... in an activity that has such a clear proselytizing nature.”

Hmmm. Handing out sports equipment is proselytizing? Okay. Little does he know of diplomacy. U.S. diplomats, and their families, are always encouraged to participate in charitable activities in their host countries.

And ironically, hypocrite Chavez, critical of our charitable efforts in Venezuela,

has supplied millions of gallons of discounted heating oil to poor Americans! [has the audacity to call] the ambassador’s visit “demagoguery” and an attempt by Washington to extend its influence.
Ah yes, the inability of fools to look within.

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Photo H/T Citizen Feathers


Karen said...

I am still so angry with the Dems from the northeast that accepted Chavez's cheap heating oil, I could scream.

Chavez is truly dangerous. It's not clear exactly how dangerous yet but it's not good.

We lived in Venezuela for my husband's work in the early 90's, briefly, and it was not much fun then, I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is now. We lived the good life compared to average Venezueleans while we were there. Still.

Chavez is a willing protege of Castro. Hours of rambling speeches, paranoia, illusions of grandeur, the whole gambit.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I will kick you out! Where is the MSM now. The agenda, the agenda, the agenda. That is most important.

Justin Halter said...

Good lord, a six hour speech? The guy is not exactly a scintillating speaker either!

Pat Jenkins said...

good post incog. chavez is definately setting himself up as being the "thorn in the side" of future administrations. it will be intersting to see how one may handle his antagonisim. he should be as much apart of this election "discusion" as any ill intended leader. but most importantly i feel for the venzuelan people. they will suffer most.

Panhandle Poet said...

Where are the CIA hit teams when you need them???

Frasypoo said...

6 hours !!! What a snoozefest!
The sad part is that people like this flourish like poison ivy and good people die of cancer.

Anonymous said...

So by proving he is not a tyrant, he is throwing people out like a tyrant for speaking against him?

Yeah that seems logical...

That's like Muslims claiming to be the religion of peace, and than set things on fire.

A little insane? No?

WomanHonorThyself said...

your diagnosis is spot on girl! what a mess eh!

Strawberry said...

Child Tyrant is certainly a good characterization. Unfortunately - he is a grown man in a position of power acting like a 3 year old! The comment about the people of Venezuela is so true - they will be the ones to suffer!

Thank you for the post, Incog! Great as always! :)

Incognito said...

KAREN: I had no idea until I read this, that we had done that.

I think he is too, but hoping it's just a bunch of bluster from a puerile twit. Though he is def. dangerous for his people. He's going to drag that country down a big, black hole.
I know some people who live there. Not chavistas, but haven't really spoken to them. It's still livable but who knows for how long. I also lived there for a year when I was a child, so have no memories. other than swallowing a key.

LAW&ORDER: Yeah. Funny, huh?! Where is the MSM ever.

JUSTIN: Nah.. maybe I should offer to give him some acting lessons. I think he often gives long speeches. Doesn't Ahmadinejad do that as well? Could be wrong.

PAT: Yup. Whoever gets to the White House will inherit Chavez and all the insane ones of the world. Who would want that?! Not I!

PAN: Uh... behaving themselves.

FRASYPOO: Yeah.. I can't even sit through our debates etc, as short as they are. It is sad when people like that survive, but there's a reason for everything.

ROBERTB: Hi Robert, thank visiting my humble abode. Yeah, that's what's so ridiculously funny. It is insane. Partic. because they don't see the inaninty of it all.

WOMAN: Mess... yup.

STRAWB: It is so odd how people like that get to be in power. Who would want a 3 year old (as you put it) governing your country? They will, but they voted him in, or at least a large majority did. Their choice. The people I feel sorry for the most are those who didn't, the lovers of freedom.

Kate said...

Well said, incognito. Chávez is indeed a threat not only to his own people, but also to those of the rest of the region, as his actions threaten to disrupt the semblance of balance which remains.

I often wonder why he does what he does. I think what angers me most is his spending outside of Venezuela. He throws out money to poor Londoners and poor Connecticutians, among others, in the form of subsidized oil, yet he can't take care of his own people. (I am not Venezuelan, but I do have family in Caracas.) One would think with the vast oil windfall he would be able to build real infrastructure and create a somewhat functional economy, but no. He spends his time yammering on the radio and TV for six hours in those awful cadenas, calling everyone who disagrees with him a lackey of the Empire. Unbelievable.

Incognito said...

Hi Kate...
He's essentially trying to buy favors and popularity at the expense of his own people.

He's sick, in my opinion. Paranoid and power hungry. I too am not Venezuelan, but have some distant relatives there. Haven't had a chance to talk to them, though.

danny wright said...

I'm glad to see Chavez if for the fairness doctrine.