Monday, July 02, 2007

Ding-Dong the Mouse is dead- Farfour's last minutes on You-Tube

Here are some snippets from the final episode of "Tomorrow's Pioneers", for those who want to witness the moments leading up to his demise. Frankly, his whining voice is unbearable. I don't remember Mickey being this obnoxious, do you?


MUD said...

That was so bad. Are we sure it wasn't a Saturday Nigth type spoof? Not even kids are that stupid. Are they? MUD

Karen said...

The children are indoctrinated, or brainwashed, from toddler years. THey don't know anything else. They get one view of the world and that's that.

There is no hope for the future until this stops. Until the leaders in the mosques stop preaching hatred and teach a 'religion of peace' that we are to believe Islam is, then the killings won't end.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what type of freak does it take to use Mickey to indocrinate lil ones into terror..ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Pat Jenkins said...

the obvious question is barney next!!!!! having a jew kill him takes the cake!!!

Debbie said...

May he burn in Hades along with his terrorist creators.

Abbythedog said...

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Renegade Eye said...

The Palestinians have bad political leadership, that doesn't take away from the necessity of solving their national question.

Incognito said...

MUD: It was pretty bad. Terribly annoying voice. And kids are just impressionable, not necessarily stupid. That's the problem.

KAREN: I hope that happens some day, but it will take the Muslims to say enough is enough.

ANGEL: I know.. very sad.

PAT: That was the point. To incite more hatred towards the Jews. Neverending..

DEBBIE: Well, what goes around comes around, in the grand cosmic scheme of things.

ABBY: I will def. check it out.

RENEGADE: I would agree that both Fatah and Hamas stink, but at least Hamas is making overtures. Peace will never happen if they do not *choose* to live in harmony... and it's obvious, through their actions, that they don't.