Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ACORN and Voter Fraud- Or How To Steal An Election

Everyone who deserves to vote should have the right to vote, it is every citizen's inalienable right to do so. But there are some unethical and criminal types who seem to think it's okay to vote multiple times to ensure their particular candidate wins, and that's what ACORN is encouraging with their sketchy voter registration efforts. Whether they are directly complicit or not, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (better known as ACORN) is being investigated for voter registration fraud across the country, from Nevada to Ohio to Florida and everywhere in between. One of the major problems is that people hired by ACORN to register voters are being paid per name, and with quotas to fill, they'll do anything to get signatures, including bribing people who have already registered. One Ohio man, under investigation, was paid cash and cigarettes to register a whopping 73 times! Another Cleveland pizza delivery guy being questioned about the 10 to 15 times he registered to vote claims

he was approached multiple times by ACORN workers while sitting in a public square. He said the group's solicitors told him they were getting paid by the name to sign up voters. "I 'd be like, 'No, I'm already registered,'" Barkley said. "Then they just asked me again, like, 'I need a job, I'm just trying to hold on to a job. So would you sign it for me? I need 25 or more. I need a certain amount of them.' So me being the kind-hearted person, I say, 'Yeah.'

There are also reports of new registrations in dead people's names, and many with false phone numbers and addresses. A CNN video report (below) describes how at least 50 percent of the newly registered voters in one county alone were totally bogus.

ACORN seems unconcerned about all the allegations of voter fraud, and claim they are a non-partisan organization. However, they endorsed Barack Obama, and Obama's campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN to help with its primary 'get out the vote' registration drive. ACORN's emphasis is to get lower income citizens to vote, which is fine, but we know that they tend to vote Democratic. And, if the driving force behind this effort happens to have endorsed a Democratic candidate, odds are they will be pushing that candidate.

As much as ACORN (and the Democratic Party) swear they are not attempting to steal this election, it looks like it to me. I think they will do anything to get Obama elected, even if that means bribing people to vote, illegally. Voter registration fraud can potentially lead to election fraud, especially when the only states that require a photo I.D. to vote are -Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan and South Dakota . There's an emergency petition being circulated to require photo i.d.s to cast one's ballot. You can sign the online, emergency "voter identification" petition here.

We live in a democracy! One would think we were beyond voter fraud. What message do we send to the world at large, when we are just as guilty as some of those countries we've sanctioned for stealing elections.

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zack rawsthorne said...

It's incredibly dispiriting. It feels like we're in the middle of a coup disguised as a campaign, and I'm not being hyperbolic. Ominously close connections exist between the mass-media hyped candidate and the criminal group that seeks to rig the election in his favor, and then that same media radically under-publicizes the attmpted fraud... it's the stuff of third world police states and Communist takeovers.

Karen said...

I think it is completely unbelievable that we can vote in this country by simply showing up in most states. No id, no nothing. It's crazy and it has to be changed. Voting is a too sacred.

Mad Hatter said...

naturally this will be swept under the rug

Z said...

In Germany, you have a voter ID, with a walk in, show your face, your ID, they check the list that you've voted and you are DONE.
We need to be better than this ridiculous "walk in and vote" or "monthlong voting"..

I think Zack (above) is so right..dispiriting. Imagine 15,000 people, many of them young, being TRAINED TO CHEAT OTHER AMERICANS? Machiavellian as it gets.

Imagine Jimma Cart-duh having to monitor our elections? awful

Righty64 said...

I think that we will become a banana republic if this election is stollen by the ACORN crowd. I think that we need to prevent voter fraud at all costs because it is the difference from us becoming a banana republic and being able to have fair, free elections. I think this, along with Joe the Plumber are going to make a lot of fence-sitters and some who have supported The One to come around and vote for Sen. McCain.

Incognito said...

you all have wonderful valid points. I think, and I have said it many times on this blog, our whole election process needs a major revamp.

And, of course, the latest in the msm is that this is all mudslinging by the republicans. How anyone can even bring that up is beyond me.

Monkay said...

What is your conceptual continuity?

Incognito said...

MONKAY: Care to elaborate?

mccainpalin said...

It's a sad state of affairs when the people of a democracy can’t depend on the system of voting that is the basis of democracy.

Pat Jenkins said...

oh but incog you are missing out on why this is group is ok, because they are looking out for our helpless minorities against the evil white republicans who can't wait to supress their vote. and cheating is purely ok to reach a means to their perceived end!!... if i could only say this in a "tone of voice" you would know i repeat this sarcastically!!