Friday, October 03, 2008

Polls Shmolls: On Debates and Polls

So, I buckled down and watched the Biden/Palin debate last night. I admit, I was extremely hesitant; I wasn't sure I could bear to watch moderator Gwen Ifill cream Palin, in light of Palin's recent interview debacles, and the left's concerted effort to bring her down. But, as I was listening to a local talk show host's Biden gaffe-a-thon, I decided it might be entertaining, if nothing else.
I was actually pleasantly surprised that Ifill kept it very fair and Palin held her own.
What I always find most interesting is the aftermath of a debate. Both sides, of course, always claim victory (which is not surprising) but what about the polls? The polls are claiming a substantial win for Biden, but frankly it 'aint so. Biden was in no way a standout and Palin was far more appealing.
As for those polls: who are these people being polled? Are they all democratic? I have never once been polled, about anything, other than some local politicians once. And what about the people who conduct the polls? How do we know they aren't biased! And can we trust people to tell the truth when they are being polled, especially during an election where you're being labeled a racist because you refuse to vote for Obama?
I don't trust polls and neither should you!!
William Warren, young cartoonist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Incog
You and I think the same way about these polls.I started a hunt for them and failed to find them.Then I realised that they were on the actual websites.So a CNN poll says that Biden did great!
But the local McCain campaign chair forwards us polls and I will send that to you and Mr P.

ExPreacherMan said...

Hi Incog,


The Leftist stations poll the leftists and get a leftist result.

The moderate stations poll the "moderates" and get a wishy-washy mushy, moderate result.

Conservatives don't always poll, thay know the results... Palin WON!

In Christ,


Frasypoo said...

I'mmmmmm Baaaaacccccck

Troika said...

Actually, even the Fox News poll had a massive swing to Biden.

I doubt many democrats take part in Fox News Polls - they're too smart to watch that crap.

dons_mind said...

i'm with you - we've never been polled for anything - ever!

i do have to admit that i did
watch 30 minutes of the debates - against my better judgement - but i thought that gwen ifill did a fine job as moderator in that 30 minutes that i watched.

as for joe and sara - eh, nothing special, nothing unexpected, nothing unusual, nothing newsworthy. same o same o

Z said...

I have never ever been polled, either...they say they swing toward the Left, but how?

Miss you and hope all's well!

Pat Jenkins said...

alright i will poll ya since nobody pays you any attention incog. whose going to win the world series?... "polls" are like the press. they get the "story" they want....

Incognito said...

FRASYPOO... Welcome back!! and yeah..Don't know why they say Biden won... because neither did, in my opinion.

EXPREACHERMAN: :-) I think she did very well,considering what they tried to do to her in those interviews, but neither blew it out of the water. Biden just lied through his teeth.

DON: Yeah she was fine, though since I wrote the post, I've read differing analyses of the debate and her performance, and many say it was skewed towards Biden. Still find it interesting how a man who said he'd be proud to run with McCain and that Obama wasn't experienced enough to lead is now campaigning as his Veep. Politics!

Z: not sure, but I don't see poll takers as being necessarily unbiased. it would be easy to discard the conservative votes... just a thought.

TROIKA: Well, the poll I saw right after the debate thought Palin did better... not sure which poll you saw.

PATJ: series.. uh.. not interested in that... :-)

Debbie said...

I know we are not supposed to put much credit in the polls, but I cannot help but watch them.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth