Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obamaniacs Vandalize Cars, Property and People

I have never seen an election polarize a country as much as this one. And frighteningly so. The other side seems to be taking things to the extreme.

I have friends who have been ostracized by Obama-lovers because they don't share the love. I've had friends lose work, for the same reason.

A man in Clearwater Florida, with a McCain/Palin and anti-Obama bumper sticker, had his 2006 Lexus vandalized. KKK was scratched into the paint, and a U.S. flag was burned into the car. And to add insult to injury, they apparently urinated on the car, as well.

A small, middle-aged woman with a McCain/Palin placard, in Manhattan, N.Y., was assaulted by a large man who went ballistic when he saw the signs.

In an Ohio nursing home, Edith Walker, a 73 year-old Democratic poll worker jumped on the back of 75 year-old George Manos and beat him on the head several times. This occurred after he accused her of ballot tampering when the person they were helping wanted to vote for McCain and Walker marked Obama.

York County, MD GOP headquarters were vandalized with "Republican Means Slavery". The idiots obviously don't realize it was the Republicans who ended slavery.

Also in Maryland, a Democrat who is voting for McCain had his RV spray painted with "Vote For Obama 2008". They also defaced his house, a truck cover, and a 2 x 8 foot sign.

A hotel in Maryland has received threatening calls since it put McCain/Palin signs on it's front lawn. Community leaders are recommending a boycott.

McCain/Palin signs are being stolen and vandalized all over the country. One man replaced his stolen sign with the following:

Although there are probably Obama signs being stolen as well (more likely in retaliation for all the McCain ones being filched), I have yet to see any violence perpetrated against Obama supporters by McCain supporters. And I can't imagine a McCain supporter rejecting a friend who happens to support Obama.
What happened to our freedom to vote for whom we wish, without being assaulted, threatened or blackballed, ostracized or have our property vandalized?
What has happened to this country?


Nitegator said...

This is starting to happen here also.

Kate said...

I don't know what the hell is going on up here in the PCV (People's Commonwealth of VA, aka northern VA), but it's out of control. Even though I was living abroad in 2004, the first time I was eligible to vote, I don't remember reading reports even remotely similar to how bad things are right now...

WomanHonorThyself said...

G'morning my friend..we must push back the hordes!

ExPreacherMan said...


Great post. I wonder if America will awaken in time.

I have three very disturbing reports I just posted on my Blog:

1) LA Times admits to having and squelching a video of Obama in a meeting of Muslims railing against Jews and Israel..
2) An MP3 audio of Obama voters who have no idea for whom they are voting.
3) A terrifying video of Obama's international friends and then his domestic supporters who have vowed to eradicate Americans, The Black Panther Party.

Drop by and be shocked.

In Christ eternally,


Zack R said...

And of course the vandalism doesn't end with everyday Americans; it is well-documented that at least two well-known Republican Senators or Congressmen have had their homes and property vandalized over the past couple weeks. Probably the number is far higher. It's a new kind of "Trickle Down" effect: when the presidential candidate has had terrorism and radical Leftist violence closely associated with him throughout his past and up until the present, small wonder that we should see it among his minions, the workaday radicalized thugs and criminal types who make up a significant portion of the modern Left.

Troika said...

How can you trust these Republican stories?

Wasn't a republican just charged for lying about being beaten up and having a B carved into the side of her face?

How do we know this isn't all rubbish?

Landslide looking more and more likely, BTW, can't wait.

Incognito said...

NITEGATOR: It's happening all over the country, which I find pathetic, that the Dems have to resort to that.

KATE: I don't either. I think there has always been vandalism but not to this extent.

WOMAN: Well, we're trying,

EXPEACHERMAN: Have been out of town since Thurs. (Gotta love being able to publish while gone). I will go and check those out after i finish this.

ZACK: Hadn't heard about the homes of the politicians. Pathetic they have to resort to that.

TROIKA: Now you're just being silly. Yes, the woman who carved her face with a B has mental problems. An isolated case. It aint over till it's over.

Pat Jenkins said...

incog i am not immune to left's vadalizing. back in o4 we had some bush-cheney signs along with a few local politicos. somebody decided they wanted to run over them so they took their car and did just that. leaving me with some nice tire tracks to deal with in the yard for awhile....