Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stealing The Votes From The Mentally Challenged

Looks like Obama and his supporters are going to steal this election, in whatever way they can, even if it means taking advantage of the mentally challenged.

Jack Justice, a mentally challenged man in Albany, Georgia, claims he was forced to vote for Obama by an aide at his adult day rehab programme, even though his choice was McCain.

Georgia state election officials are investigating the allegations, and the aide could face criminal charges, but one wonders how much of this is going on, nationwide? How many physically or mentally challenged individuals are being forced, or coerced, into voting for Obama? How many people have filled out absentee ballots for others, without their knowledge of who they are voting for? How easy it would be for an aide, or relative, of an incapacitated senior citizen to simply fill out "Obama", on the ballot.

How sad and pathetic that people feel the need to cheat to get their candidate in office, but it looks like that's what Obama supporters are doing.

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Troika said...

How sad that you're already trying to find excuses for your party losing this election.

It looks increasingly likely that the democrats will win this by a landslide (no matter what the polls say, they're usually wrong).

So "stealing an election" as you say, is nonsene. It's an election impossible to lose!

And the massive majority that democrats will have in the senate will surely point to the fact that it isn't these little incidents that have won Obama the election.

It is more likely true that you lost the election due to no one really wanting to vote in the same party that has brought your country to breaking point, has lost all the post-war respect it once had from many nations around the world, has a current president who is one of the most unpopular ever, has a candidate who chose a ridiculous VP that even a former Sec of State has denounced, is losing favour in even some of the most staunchly Republican states, has played a dirty campaign that has cost him thousands of votes, has no decent policies in place to avert what cuold be the biggest recession your country has ever seen, and, in your desperate times, likes to call himself a maverick - just what you don't need.

Your election is lost, I'm afraid (he rest of the world knows this - UK and Irish bookmakers have already paid out on bets made that Obama will win), and it had nothing to do with this sort of bad behaviour from aides. I'm not condoning it, but you're going to need a whole lot of mentally ill people to create this sort of victory.

Pat Jenkins said...

alert poo too incog!! we don't want along with the rest of the mentally challenged folk in the peach state deceived by this evil man!!... by the way you may want to delete this for my own personal safety. i already have her dog after me, i don't need another enemy of poo's state!!.. he he!!

Mustang said...

If this happened, it is truly despicable. If we forget politics for a moment and just evaluate the event, especially in light of the first comment(above), the rhetorical question is: Why isn't every decent person offended such shenanigans?

Well, I suspect every decent person is.

Semper Fi

Incognito said...

TROIKA, one of the many differences between us is that I am an optimist. This election isn't over until it is over. There are 13 days left.

And you're right, polls are usually wrong, so it could go either way. The press even claimed Dewey had won the election when Truman had. I am hoping that push come to shove the American people look beyond the Obama hype and see him for what he truly is. Not sure what drugs you are on, but Obama will not win this election by a landslide, if he wins.

"And the massive majority that democrats will have in the senate will surely point to the fact that it isn't these little incidents that have won Obama the election."

No, it's the stupidity of some in our party who are not voting or voting for a 3rd party candidate because MCcain isn't conservative enough. And the stupid democrats who think that Obama is going to change their lives as if he was God. Yeah, he will change their lives but not for the better.

If you bothered to do any research you would find that it was the democratic party that is mostly responsible for our economic woes. I will be posting on that next.

Yes, Bush is unpopular with many, but that has nothing to do with McCain. And how has McCain played a dirty campaign? There's no evidence of that. Obama, on the other hand, has raised millions. He won't reveal who the private donors are and that's because the donors are probably suspect.

Biden is no better a VP candidate than Palin. The liberal media just underplays his gaffes and idiocies. Telling people that he can guarantee that within the 1st 6 months of Obama's presidency we will be tested with a major crisis? Good grief. What an idiot.

And Obama has a plan to avert a recession? By spending trillions? Taxing small businesses so they fold and people lose even more jobs.

I will wait until November 4th, vote McCain/Palin and refuse to listen to polls.

It's not just the mentally ill, it's also all the ACORN voter fraud being perpetrated across the nation.

Incognito said...

PATJ: :-) it's not just in that state peej.. it's ampant across the country, given the ammounts who are voting for Obama.

MUSTANG: It did happen and is being investigated. One wonders how rampant this kind of situation is. I can just imagine people forcing old people etc. to vote for Obama absentee against their wishes.

Karen said...

This election has reached an all time low in corruption and outrageous amounts of money being spent. And, people in other countries still trying to tell us who to vote for, as if we care. What would they say if we did that to them? It'd be Imperialist America, right? I'm ready for it all to be over.

Troika said...

"If you bothered to do any research you would find that it was the democratic party that is mostly responsible for our economic woes. I will be posting on that next."

So long as you don't go back to pre-2001 policies, please.

I'm actually looking forward to your explanation. I had assumed that your lack of blogs on the global economic crisis was a reflection of your lack of knowledge on the subject of economics. Obviously not.

My own opinion is that the real fault lies with the American people themselves.

The materialistic nation of greed you have created has left you with a few hundred million overweight, in debt, uneducated, greedy, needy people who simply wanted to buy more than they could afford to.

And all of this with no thought whatsoever for future generations.

You deserve to be screwed over.

WomanHonorThyself said...

libs dont give a flip about individual liberty Incog..gah!

Incognito said...

KAREN: Yes and yes. It's unprecedented. And it's amazing what his supporters are doing. Am writing a post about that.

TROIKA: No, not a lack of knowledge just time constraints. But it won't get posted until next week, because I still have to finish it, and am going out of town until Sunday. And actually, I agree, that part of the problem is greed, and that will be part of my post. As for deserving to be screwed over, guess that means the rest of the world does as well, including Iceland that is going bankrupt, considering the rest of the world is suffering as well, economically?

WOMAN: Very true.

Anonymous said...

"How sad that you're already trying to find excuses for your party losing this election."

Typical. Instead of showing outrage over a mentally challenged man having his vote stolen, turn the tables on the victim(s) by calling at "finding excuses".

"I'm not condoning it"

Yes you are. The proper thing to do is to condemn this sort of action and help see to it that this is rectified, and the people responsible are punished. But you dont. Instead you circle the wagon around the people who commit these sort of acts because they're being done to help the Democrat party win.

Zack R said...

Since the Left cares less for the value of Truth than they do for propelling their Socialism forward onto a naive and unsuspecting America, we'll see plenty of this rank corruption now at every turn. Condemn it, hell-- they applaud victory at any cost. It's as old as Marx, where you can read with your own eyes that the proliariat must succeed at any cost, including the execution of the enemy (i.e. in this case non-Leftist Americans). If they knew they wouldn't be caught they would kill Republicans: anything to cancel out the vote of the opposition.

Incognito said...

ANON: You have to consider the source, but you are absolutely right!

ZACK: It's all so obvious though. I consider them stupid rather than naive. And you're right they would rather we not exist.