Monday, October 20, 2008

Anti-Obama Ad You Will Never See- From Our Friends Up North

Our Canadian friends up north, who are having their own problems with censorship etc., at least chose conservative Stephen Harper in their recent elections. But we are still in the fight for our lives, with 15 days until d-day. Who knows what will happen come November 4th, but we can at least fight until the end.

They too are concerned for this country. Kathy Shaidle, a Canadian writer, blogger put together the following powerful ad that John McCain should but would never air, about Bill Ayers' connection to the Fort Dix bomb plot in 1970.

while McCain was being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton, Ayers and his dirty hippie friends got this close to murdering hundreds of McCain's fellow soldiers, and their dates, at a dance at Fort Dix. And Ayers supports Obama.

With an Obama presidency, the radicals' "long march through the institutions" will end in triumph.

Has the culture war really been for naught, America?

Will you really hand those hippie traitors this ultimate victory? I read about the foiled Weatherman plot against the Fort Dix Dance here and here. I got so pissed off I wrote the script for a campaign ad I'd make for McCain if he asked me, which he never would.

I wish he would, Kathy, but at least we can post it on our blogs and try to get as many people to see it.

H/T: Five Feet Of Fury via Blazing Cat Fur


Thomas said...

It's impossible for a person of sound mind to vote for a Vice Presidential candidate who refuses to give a press conference. I mean, what is this, the Soviet Union?

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Ron Radosh of pajamas media picked up the video - they luv it.

Incognito said...

THOMAS: If you're talking about Biden, it's because he's a total idiot. And with Obama as prez this will become like the Soviet Union.

BCF: It's a great one. Thanks for the heads up!

Thomas said...

Incog, Bush approved of the bailout (which is a huge step in the direction of socialism). So either way, that appears to be the way we're headed unless we vote for Ron Paul.

Incognito said...

Thomas, we're not talking about Bush, we'e talking McCain and Obama. And McCain is not Bush, as much as everyone loves to claim he is. We will not go the route of socialism with a McCain presidency. It is assured with Obama. And Paul has zippo chance in hell of becoming President, and thank God for that.