Thursday, May 31, 2012

Former Democratic Congressman Who Voted For Obama Now Republican

The Republican Party is gaining some heavy hitters from the Democratic party. One such person jumping ship is Artur Davis, a former congressman from Alabama who campaigned hard for Barack Obama in 2008, and now believes B.O. is leading us down the wrong path. Granted he was a Blue Dog Democrat and voted against Obamacare, but this is still a coup.

Interviewed on Fox News, Davis told Neil Cavuto that many Democratic politicians are switching sides. His reasons? He "took inventory" and felt that "what we're doing is not working."

He started to take stock in 2009 and 2010 when he noticed that "The agenda of the Democratic Party was, frankly, not the agenda that I thought I would see. "

He initially supported Obama because he believed he was a centrist, pro-growth president "who would bring this country together" and that hasn't happened.

There is speculation that he might run for congress as a Republican in his new home state of  Virginia.

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