Friday, May 18, 2012

"Will The Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up", Part Deux- Born In Kenya Bio Fiasco

Remember the TV show "To Tell The Truth" where one contestant and two imposters tried to convince a panel of celebrities that they were 'the' individual with the unusual occupation or experience? All 3 challengers claimed to be that same 'individual', the only caveat was that the imposters were allowed to lie whereas the real person  had "to tell the truth." After the panel decided who they thought was the actual 'person in question'  they were asked "Will the real (name) please stand up?"  Obama reminds me of that game, in as much as we don't know who the "real" Obama is.  It seems he has spent a lifetime pretending to be someone, and we really don't know who the 'real' Obama is.

In 2007, when he was stumping for president, I wrote a post entitled "Will the real Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama (Soetero) please stand up", there were so many fabrications and lies about his life, that I questioned who he was. Back then we had no clue, and we still don't. Did

I have never been a birther, but the latest news from Breitbart regarding a short 1991 promotional bio that states he was born in Kenya, is an eye-opener. Now I know these kinds of things can be easily photoshopped, Adobe is pretty darn amazing, but the information about his Kenyan birthplace was in a 2007 cached version of his agents' website. It was changed to 'born in Hawaii' 2 months before Obama announced his candidacy. Either he (or his reps) lied about being born in Kenya to make him more exotic and appealing, at the time, or he lied about not being born in Kenya, but either way, he's lied. About many things.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is now in full damage control mode saying that the agent "misidentified" his birthplace in 1991. It's highly unlikely that Obama was unaware for over 15 years that his reps were claiming he was born in Kenya, just as it is equally unlikely that he had no idea what Rev. Wright was preaching in that church all those years.

The Breitbart article brings up a few other questionable Obama issues.

I'm not sure we'll ever really know who the "real" Barack Hussein Obama is, since he will always be reinventing himself in some way or another.

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