Friday, May 11, 2012

Who Should I Vote For President In 2012- Quiz Part Two

The main GOP contenders for president have been whittled down to the presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, and straggler Ron Paul who is hanging on like a hungry dog to a bone.
Barack Obama, naturally, has no major competitors, so it looks like it will be between Obama and Romney come November.  However, there are others running on a hope and no prayer of ever getting elected.

It's often a challenge to know who to vote for when none of the candidates are appetizing. But there have been a few quizzes out there to help you decide which one you are most aligned with.  Back in January, when there were more Republicans vying for top dog position, I posted about ABC's Match-o-Matic quiz, which listed the top 8 GOPers still running at the time, and Barack Obama.  Now there's another  2012 Presidential Election Quiz from, that lists those who are still in the running from all major, independent and third parties. 

Besides Romney, Paul and Obama, it also includes:

Gary Johnson- formerly a Republican now running as a Libertarian

Fred Karger- the first openly gay candidate running as an Independent Republican

Jimmy McMillan- a complicated background, of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party fame

Kent Mespley- Green Party

Buddy Roemer- formerly a Democrat, then a Republican, now running as an American Elect, Reform Party candidate, (yeah, I'd never heard of it either)

There are other candidates, not included in the quiz, listed here on Wikipedia, including Texas inmate Keith Judd who just won 41% of the West Virginia Democratic vote against Obama.

When taking the quiz, make sure to click on the  additional questions that some of the sections have.

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