Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Veterans Slam Obama For Politicizing Bin Laden Kill

More backlash from Obama's "One Chance" campaign ad video where he insinuates Mitt Romney would not have taken out Osama Bin Laden had he been president. Arianna Huffington called it despicable. Dan Turner of the L.A. Times says the ad is "more than little distasteful" for taking Romney's comment "It's not worth moving heaven and Earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person" out of context. But veterans, and even former and active duty U.S. Navy SEALS (the ones who were responsible for dispensing with Bin Laden), have also chimed in criticizing Obama for politicizing the whole event.
A serving SEAL Team member said: ‘Obama wasn’t in the field, at risk, carrying a gun. As president, at every turn he should be thanking the guys who put their lives on the line to do this. He does so in his official speeches because he speechwriters are smart.

‘But the more he tries to take the credit for it, the more the ground operators are saying, “Come on, man!” It really didn’t matter who was president. At the end of the day, they were going to go.’

Chris Kyle, a former SEAL sniper with 160 confirmed and another 95 unconfirmed kills to his credit, said: ‘The operation itself was great and the nation felt immense pride. It was great that we did it.

‘But bin Laden was just a figurehead. The war on terror continues. Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot.

‘In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe.’

As some have said, including Romney, presented with the same opportunity any president would have done exactly what Obama did, he just lucked out that it happened on his watch.

In response, Veterans For A Strong America have taken out their own powerful ad entitled "CREDIT". 

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