Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iranian Diplomat Fired After Groping Young Girls In Brazil

Hekmatollah Ghorbani, a 51-year-old Iranian diplomat stationed in Brazil, has been fired for groping some young nine to 15 year-old girls in a swimming pool in the capital Brasilia last month. Iran's foreign ministry issued the following statement:
“After an investigation into the violations by the Iranian employee of the Iranian embassy in Brazil, it was found his behavior was contrary to administrative regulations and Islamic conduct ... thus he was dismissed.”

He was initially arrested after he made the little girls cry, but as per regulations for diplomatic immunity (once his status was verified) he was immediately released.
At first, the Iranian Embassy tried to justify the obvious pedophilia as a "cultural misunderstanding" which, in reality, is partially the truth. Well, cultural AND religious misunderstanding; after all, their Prophet's most beloved wife, Aisha, was a mere nine year's old, and underage marriage is quite common in many Muslim-majority countries. Of course, that doesn't explain the fact that he fondled young girls he wasn't 'married' to.
This kind of incident always mortifies the holier-than-thou Muslims who aren't supposed to even mix with other genders in pools. Al Arabiya mentions that gender-mixing in swimming pools in Iran is expressly forbidden, and that Iranian diplomats (and others representing Iran) need to follow those same Islamic rules while living in the West.

Ramin Mehmanparast, of the Iranian foreign ministry, said that Ghorbani would be "dealt with" upon his return to Iran, but I'm sure he'll probably just get a slap on the wrist for causing them grief, but that's about it. Iranian prisons are reserved for political dissidents, adulterers, and homosexuals who all wind up dead, eventually. Pedophiles? Nah. Had they been little boys, however, he'd be in big trouble.

Mehmanparast, of course, also had to mention that the whole affair was, in essence, being "twisted by Western and Arab media."

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