Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Big Losses For Obama In Kentucky and Arkansas

I have to wonder what's going on inside Barack Obama's arrogant, narcissistic head since he lost 41 percent  of the West Virginia Democratic primary vote to Texas jailbird Keith Russell Judd, and now 40% of the vote in Arkansas to attorney John Wolfe, and 42 percent (and 67 out of 120 counties) in Kentucky to the "uncommitted" option, or in other words- no-one.  The same thing happened in Oklahoma, he only won 57 percent and  21 percent of North Carolina voters also voted for the "uncommitted" option.

Naturally, there are those who are chalking it up to racism, the only reason liberals believe people don't like Obama, but these are fellow Democrats, so I guess that would just prove that some Democrats are as racist as some Republicans.

These losses are just going to prompt Obama to dig for dirt, and this election is going to get very nasty.

Source: Washington Post
Photo credit Paula Priesse

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