Sunday, May 06, 2012

MoveOn.Org Wants Word "Illegal" Banned

If has its way, using the word "illegal" along with "alien" or "immigrant" could land you in beaucoup trouble. They believe it constitutes a hate crime  and want it banned.  Even though being in this country without legal paperwork is "illegal",  MoveOn and want you to drop the "I-word" and replace it with:

undocumented immigrant
unauthorized immigrant
immigrant without papers

They believe using "illegal" is racist, dehumanizing, inaccurate, and harmful:

A harmful slur

"Illegals" is a racially charged slur used to dehumanize and discriminate against immigrants and people of color regardless of migratory status. The i-word is shorthand for "illegal alien," "illegal immigrant" and other harmful terms.

Racially charged slur? So where does my "white" New Zealand actor friend from decades ago, who overstayed his visitor's visa and was in this country "illegally" at the time, fit in?

They even believe that using "illegal" can be deadly. MoveOn posts on its site:
Words hurt . . . and sometimes kill
Words don't kill, people do.

MoveOn even has the nerve to relate this to the Trayvon Martin incident:
Make Our Communities Safer By Stopping
"Kill at Will" Laws

Let's prevent more Trayvon tragedies by opposing efforts to spread dangerous "Kill at Will" laws across the country.
Trayvon Martin was not an "undocumented immigrant."
And of course it's all FOX News' fault.

What words will liberal, politically correct fools want to ban next?!

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