Saturday, March 29, 2014

64 Years Of Chinese Occupation In Tibet - Video

China invaded Tibet in 1950. During the last 64 years of  'occupation' the Tibetans have suffered greatly at the hands of the Chinese. Oppressed and suppressed, over one million people have lost their lives. Self-immolation is common, and there are more ethnic Chinese there now, than Tibetans.

"There have been reports of cultural, economic, religious and political oppression for decades."

Flying a Tibetan flag or shouting "Free Tibet" can get you arrested.

China, of course, denies it all, and world leaders rarely bring the issue of occupation to the table when meeting with Chinese leaders. They're too afraid to ruffle feathers of what has become an emerging super power.

Ironically, those who are quick to rule Israelis as occupiers remain relatively mum about the Chinese occupation of Tibet, which truly is an occupation. The only Hollywood-type to come to mind is Richard Gere, who has long been involved in the Free Tibet movement. On the other hand, the Boycott Israel movement  (BDS) has a very long list of Hollywood supporters.

Then there are the fools who compare what is happening in Tibet to what they believe is happening in Israel, and many of those are not liberals. But there is no comparison.

Why haven't they created a Boycott China movement?  Because, I believe, the whole Boycott Israel movement has more to do with rampant anti-Semitism than it does any so-called occupation.

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