Monday, March 31, 2014

Don't Go See Noah- From a Conservative Perspective

To be fair, it's not just Muslims who are dead-set against  anyone seeing Russell Crowe's latest movie "Noah."  Here are the reasons why you should not go from the perspective of a conservative non-Muslim woman.

Kira Davis writes:

Imagine an atheist with serious daddy issues writes a retelling of the Biblical story of Noah. Imagine that story is then adapted for the screen by L.Ron Hubbard and Oprah Winfrey and co-directed by Michael Bay and Spike Jonze. Now imagine the entire set and wardrobe of ‘Waterworld’ has also been repurposed for that movie.

Now imagine paying $11 to see said movie. That’s basically ‘Noah’ in a nutshell.


I won’t beat around the bush – everything you feared about this movie is true. If you are a Christian or Jewish and hold dear the tale of Noah and his Ark you will barely recognize the story as told in this film. You will most certainly not recognize God, who is not mentioned by name one time in throughout the entire film (not odd, considering that is a Jewish custom) and is portrayed exactly as Bill Maher described Him – a narcissistic murderer.


There is no joy to be found in this film. This is a movie about how mankind ruins everything and how much God hates that. It is the very opposite of the Biblical message. The Bible is the story of God’s desire to be a Father, and how even when his children became wicked and strayed He has always been in pursuit of our hearts. He has always valued us. The story of Noah is a story of mercy, not vigilante justice.
Aronofsky’s Noah hates mankind. He believes the “creator” has ordered him to let humanity die out with his own family, even going so far as to attempt to kill his own grandchildren rather than let his line continue. When he changes his mind it is direct defiance to the “creator”. God=evil, distant and uncaring. Man=flawed, loving and just.

This is what a commenter on the conservative lJReview had to say about the film:

Saw it yesterday. This review is correct. What I saw it as is basically an anti capitalism/climate change movie most likely written by the current head of the EPA.. It was far more loaded with liberal political themes then anything from the bible. This was the work of a Hollywood liberal attempting to co-opt the bible as a vehicle for his left wing political views. Liberals like this guy and a lot of others in Hollywood are always attempting to make movies that further the socialist/Marxist/anti capitalistic views most of them hold. Most of them fail miserably. Advice to Hollywood. If you want to further your political views, go ahead, it's free country. Just don't warp the messages in the bible to do it. It will fail every time.

I won't see it, but decide for yourselves whether it's worth supporting.

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