Tuesday, March 25, 2014

German Muslims Protest Butcher Shops With Decorative Pigs

Found the following info and link to the original German language article on Facebook. Apparently butcher shops in Cologne, Germany are being targeted by Muslims, mostly angry youth, who found the decorative cardboard pigs displayed in the shop windows offensive. The displays are used to advertise weekly deals.  The shop owners have been subjected to taunts, curses, threats, and their shops have been vandalized.  They have apparently removed the offending piggies.

Murat Kayman, board member of the DTIB (an organization representing over 800 German mosques) has criticized the young Muslim men, claiming they do not fully understand Islam. That even though Muslims are forbidden to eat pork, pigs are still God's creatures.

German language link here. You'll need a page translator.

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