Saturday, March 08, 2014

Israel's Netanyahu Offers California Help With Its Extreme Drought Problem

Israel turned desert land into an oasis, California has a pretty nasty drought problem, so Israel has kindly offered to help alleviate California's problem. In an interview on Bloomberg Television, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:

“California, I hear, has a big water problem. We in Israel don’t have a water problem. We use technology to solve it, in recycling, in desalination, in deep drip irrigation and so on. And these technologies could be used by the state of California to eliminate its chronic drought problem.”
If you look at a drought map of the U.S., California is one of the few states that has an "exceptional" or "extreme" drought problem.  In fact, 74% of the state. Some of the recent rain might have helped a tad, but it's still pretty darn dry.

California Governor Jerry Brown says he welcomes the help, but I wonder what all those Boycott Israel folks will have to say about that.

Bloomberg has more info on the amazing ways Israel has found ways to conquer the 60 percent of desert that makes up Israel.

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