Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Al Qaeda Group Threatens Assassination of French President Hollande

Al Qaeda is threatening other people, for a change.  It's usually Americans that terrorists have in their cross hairs, but this time they're targeting the French, especially president Francois Hollande.  They want him dead because France went to the aid of all the Muslims in Mali who wanted nothing to do with extremism.
The al-Minbar Jihadi Media Network, an Islamist terrorist web site, has called for Muslims worldwide to stage attacks in France and on French institutions and interests in support of the Muslim Jihad against Christianity.

"Supporting them is an easy matter for every honest and loyal person, because the embassies of France fill the lands of the Muslims, not to mention the lions of our Ummah who live in the West," al-Minbar said in a message.

"To our lone wolves in France, assassinate the president of disbelief and criminality, terrify his cursed government, and bomb them and scare them as a support to the vulnerable in the Central African Republic," another message stated, referring to the ongoing fighting between rebel groups in the strife-riven African nation.

"Neither Hollande, nor his soldiers will know peace in France as long as the Muslims of Mali and the Central African Republic cannot live properly in their country."
Jihadists think they know what's best for all Muslims. In fact, they think they know what's best for  us infidels too.

Hollande doesn't seem too phased about the threats though.

"this is not the first time there have been threats"  "we are being very vigilant."
Vigilance doesn't necessarily prevent terrorist attacks, but am wishing France the best.

More on the story at Israel National News.

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