Sunday, March 30, 2014

Russell Crowe's "Noah" Is Haram According to Some Muslims

The latest Russell Crowe film "Noah" is haram (forbidden) according to one niqab-clad British woman on YouTube, because as a prophet of Islam he should not be portrayed in an shape or form. Guess no-one informed her that Noah's time predates Islam, so they don't have dibs on him.

In her video, she explains why Muslims should not watch the movie:

This is a Response to Hollywood who are releasing a Film this week about Noah (as) claiming that he was an animal rights activist and environmentalist. BUT Who is the REAL Noah? What was his REAL Message? Why were the People Destroyed?

Answers you need to find out the Truth to save yourself from the Storm.

All but one commenter agrees.

Emad Adel:

don't worry.. I'll watch it because I'm Tunisian, and it's Halal for us

Watch if you can bear to just look at her eyes.

This guy has three reasons why he refuses to watch the movie, and urges other Muslims to follow his lead.

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