Monday, March 24, 2014

Rich Couple Rip Off Minnesota Welfare System While Living On $1.2 Million Yacht

Another shameful rip-off of the welfare system.

Colin and Andrea Chisholm III were living in Palm Beach, Florida on their $1.2 million luxury yacht (The Andrea Aras) all the while they were collecting public assistance from Minnesota. From 2005 to 2012 they received $165,000. Thing is, Minnesota allows up to $35,000.

They've been charged with fraud but are nowhere to be found.

More on the story here.

Remember that Seattle couple, David Silverstein and his wife Lyudmila Shimonova, back in 2011 who lived in a million dollar house while claiming welfare benefits? Are there no checks and balances when it comes to public assistance?  This is why we are going broke.


LadyeCatte said...

Well.. how many "checks and balances" would you like? How long should an elderly white couple wait for assistance?

When fraud happens, IN ANY SYSTEM, it is because someone found a loophole, a gap left open that had more to do with common sense than lack of attention, and exploited it.

It's why Mitt Romney could bleat over and over "I paid over 6% of taxes in previous years.." but, even as a Presidential hopeful, was allowed to do so without being forced to prove it. He COULD have become President over "his word" and nothing more.

But-- and it's just a guess, here-- you'd give that "because I say so" testimonial a pass when the leadership of the entire country is at stake, but demand someone just bordering the brink of starvation and homelessness to be treated as if they're potential Chisolms/Silversteins?

Incognito said...

Well, there are far too many loopholes far too many people are using. I don't begrudge those who truly need it. It's far too easy for people to take advantage of the system. These people also apparently were getting benefits far longer than they should have.