Thursday, September 25, 2014

Canadian Jihadist Warns Of NYC Attack- Vice News Video

Vice News founder Shane Smith has an exclusive interview with a 21-year-old Somali/Canadian Islamic State  militant who warns of an attack on New York city because there are a lot of "brothers" there, mobilizing.

Farah Shirdon aka Abu Usamah Somali made the trek to Syria, is seen burning his Canadian passport, and promises to destroy Canada and the U.S. Though it was thought he had been killed in August, some believe he is in fact still kicking and now in Iraq.

Vice News tracked him down (or someone who purports to be him) via social media and arranged a video conference on September 23, 2014 in Mosul, Iraq.  He claims there are at least 10 to 15,000 foreign fighters in Iraq and thousands around the world ready to attack.

Smith asks him who he is fighting right now and Shirdon's response:  "the world."

Asked when they will stop fighting among other things- when the black flag flies over the White House.

And he's ready and willing to martyr himself. One can only hope his wish comes true, along with those other thousands of jihadists.

Video on YouTube here.

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