Sunday, September 14, 2014

Luke Rudkowski's Latest 9/11 Conspiracy Theory B.S.

So Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change posted  a video on 9/11/14 of an interview with a man named Ricki, an alleged survivor of 9/11 who claims he had some "explosive" new photos that he'd lived with for 13 years.  Saturday was the day those photos would be released. One can only assume that since Rudkowski is a conspiracy theorist, 9/11 Truther those photos would be, well, EXPLOSIVE. Well, they're not.

You might be wondering what exactly these nut jobs think is so important about a bunch of photos that show nothing out of the ordinary. Well, this is where it gets interesting. There isn't even a common consensus on what they actually believe happened.

The various loony theories range from the relatively simple, blame it on the U.S. government:

BodaBoom BigAl2 days ago
The terrorists were "allowed" to do this. It was a set-up to implement the misnamed Patriot Acts, er Traitorous Acts!
Then there's those who blame it on Israel/Mossad/The Zionists:
upsideadown2 days ago
You mean Israeli terrorists.
SlackerSlayer2 days ago
 It would be far more accurate to say 'zionnazis dressed up as Arabs" doing terror.
Steve McCoy2 days ago
get cancer and DIE jewSCUMTROLLLLLL. We KNOW israHELLL did 911 and WILL pay.....sooooooooon.
There are those who don't believe the Osama Bin Laden narrative:

6. People whose beliefs are often strongly influenced by the beliefs of the vast majority, and who are under the impression that the vast majority of the civilized world accepts the bin Laden story as fact.
Then there's the uber-wackos who actually believe there were no planes, or that they were holographs, and that the whole tragedy was a Hollywood event:

tonoklein2 days ago
That's right, when you got nothing, call people names. Sure sign of a brilliant argument. But hey keep believing known liars/actors/millionaires on TV who want you dead.
 Steve McCoy1 day ago
Or read the affidavit of aviation expert John Lear - FACTUAL proof NO planes were used on 911. He is the son of Bill Lear, as in Lear jets. The planes were a jewllywood fake movie.
Then there's the 'racism' factor:

MixmanD282 days ago
Yes, isn't it amazing that some jerks prefer to believe "facts", instead of racist notions of what a terrorist is?
 imranp20102 days ago
+Lu Cor racists who want to blame brown people...
Those were all responses to a comment I made on YouTube.

Here's the holograph, no airplane comments from the We Are Change website:

JamesOrrSeptember 14, 2014
He alluded to the fact that these were not planes, but anti-gravity aircraft pulling impossible maneuvers. We know there were holographic projectors on-board these aircraft giving the outward appearance of planes. I was expecting to see the aircraft in these photos.

And there's the less crazy conspiracy theorists turning on the more lunatic ones:
September 14, 2014
You “no plane” idiots are going to ruin the whole truth movement and you don’t even care.
Michael Clarke
September 14, 2014
YOU are the “idiot”, here, mate. The point is valid. There is NO debris from any crash jetliner(s) here. No fuselage, no portions of wings , tails, engines, NOTHING But the structural damage is VERY similar to the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. There is AMPLE physical evidence here to support the supposition that these buildings collapsed in accordion fashion DUE TO INTERNAL EXPLOSIVE CHARGES DETONATED INSIDE THEM

September 14, 2014
Even if your theory is plausible (which it’s not, I know people there who saw the f-ing planes) no one will believe it because it’s TOO out there. We are just now getting people to admit something is amiss with building 7. You are stupid little fish being reeled in and guided by disinfo agents here to muddy the waters and make ANY conspiracy theorists look like fucking nut jobs. And quite successfully too I might add.

I was called a paid shill, among other things, for my comment on YouTube, as you can see in some of those comments above.

It truly amazes me how many of them are out there. Walking this earth. Convinced that it's the U.S. government, or Zionist Israel, or Hollywood behind every world event.  Yikes.

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