Friday, September 26, 2014

Asylum Seeker Matthew Miller Jailed In DPRK Wants To Go Home- DPRK Says He's A Spy

Remember Matthew Todd Miller, or Miller Matthew Todd as the DPRK state news agency called him? The 24-year-old dolt who upon arrival in North Korea tore up his tourist visa and then shouted he was there to seek asylum?  He was arrested, and has since been working 8 hours a day in a prison camp sentenced to 6 years hard labour, but now he wants to go home.

Here are snippets of an official DPRK video posted on YouTube by Russia Today, with videotape of letters he's sent to Michelle Obama, the "Secretary of State", and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since Barack Obama has not responded to his pleas for intervention.

Now, no-one really knows what exactly Miller planned on doing there.  He claims asylum and the DPRK claims he's a spy.
According to the North’s report, which runs to about 1,200 words, Mr. Miller’s acts were done “not because of simple lack of understanding and psychopathology,” but because he was sent by the U.S. to expose North Korea’s human-rights record.

He had hoped to meet Kenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen who has been held by the North for nearly two years, in hopes of winning Mr. Bae’s release, and then joining forces with Mr. Bae to become human-rights activists after leaving prison, KCNA reported.
To do so, he claimed to have documents about U.S. military bases in South Korea stored on his iPad and iPod, the report said.
Of course, one can't trust anything coming out of the DPRK.

If he did indeed have intentions of exposing North Korea's human-rights records, the kid is an idiot for travelling there- we already know how abysmal they are. Did he really think he'd get away with it?  Or he could be a stupid leftist who truly was seeking asylum, and now he's got it, though perhaps not in the manner he had dreamed of, though he is wearing a spiffy hat in the video. And then you certainly don't ask your government for help after you travel, of your own volition, to a hell hole in the hopes of seeking shelter. We don't want you back, darlin.  Or he could be mentally ill, and then you have to feel sorry for him.  Trouble is, who knows wherein lies the truth.

No-one is going to be able to get him out, even if he deserved it.

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