Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Muslim Doctor Offers To Pay Islamic Radicals To Leave Australia

Dr. Jamal Rifi, national finalist in Australia's Local Hero 2009, and founding member of the Christian Muslim Friendship Society, told Islamic extremists he'd "buy them a one-way ticket out of Australia." This was in response to the manager of Al-Risalah Islamic Center- Wissam Haddad- saying that he and his flock would

“give up their passports” if they could leave without “being incriminated”.
Haddad was responding to Australia's announcement regarding the implementation of a $64 million package to counter violent extremism and radicalization.

Dr. Rifi said:

“Let them give away their citizenship. These people are saying they want to go and ­relieve the oppressed Muslims overseas.
“Why would they care so much about the oppression of the Muslims overseas and through their actions and statements cause so much ­oppression and trouble to the Muslims in Australia?”

Haddad had spoken on a radio show and about leaving without incrimination and then posted on Facebook:

“So from what I’ve heard I have been depicted as a radical extremist lunitic (sic) who allegedly supports terror ­activity overseas, (news to me),” he posted on Facebook.

He then issued a challenge to the Australian government to charge Hadley and his listeners who wanted to fund his return to the Middle East.

“Will Ray and his friends be charged with incitement or with the new foreign incursions act I await your humble reply!” Mr Haddad posted on Facebook yesterday, adding in the same Facebook post: “Don’t run Ray”.

Hadley, who exclusively broke the story about the men wanting to revoke their citizenship, refused to be baited by the radicals when The Daily Telegraph contacted him about the post.

Mr Haddad also previously commented he would “live and die” for the Islamic flag not the Australian flag, which also shocked Dr Rifi.
Rifi's response:

“If given the option to fight for the Australian flag or the ISIS (Islamic State) flag I, without any hesitation, will choose the Australian flag ­because I totally believe ISIS and its ideology are the enemy of Islam."
"I am in touch with my community and I am talking in the voice of the majority.”
Good for Rifi.

But not many high-profile Muslims are willing to openly criticize extremists.  After all, they're usually threatened, as was Rifi himself. Back in early August Rifi was threatened by Islamic State jihadist Mohamed Elomar.

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