Monday, September 08, 2014

OpEd- Arab Skewers World Leaders and GCC For Incompetent Handling Of ISIS

In an opinion piece on Al Arabiya, UAE entrepreneur Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor skewers everyone from Barack Obama to Britain's David Cameron, and all the Arabs that are part of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) for the less than impressive and inept manner with which they are dealing with the rise of ISIS, or as he calls them- psychopaths and cockroaches preferring death to life. I started reading the piece expecting to be annoyed, but he pretty much nails. it. Well worth a read.
Our planet is experiencing unprecedented man-made crises. Like me, people everywhere are asking, “What’s happening to our world?” We look at those leaders and think, if these are the people responsible for protecting our lives, then God help us.

There are no heroes in this unfolding script; only rogues, wimps and fools marching us towards Armageddon

A gang of losers seeking power, wealth and territory decide to dupe feeble-minded young Muslims with the promise of an Islamist State; a Utopian land stretching from Syria to Iraq and eventually encompassing Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where flogging, stoning, beheading, crucifying and burying children alive are accepted norms. In this supposedly “magical caliphate” women, recognizable only by their eyes, are barred from leaving home without a close male relative. Televisions are smashed. Schools are forbidden to teach music, art and philosophy. Smokers are lashed in public. Landmarks are painted black to match the group’s fluttering flags.

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