Thursday, September 18, 2014

ISIS Dudes "Love Drinking Blood" Claims Jihadist

Jihadists fighting for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have enjoyed beheadings, killings and eating the hearts of their enemies (that was FSA rebel Abu Sakkar last year), so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that some of them like to drink blood of infidels.

Self-claimed ISIS militant Rabie Shehada, known as “the Palestinian slayer,” made the chilling statement in a video recently posted online.

“I swear we are a people who love death for the sake of God just as you love to live. I swear we are a people who love drinking blood. We came to slaughter you,” he said in the video.

“We love dying for God as much as you love life,” he also said in the brief footage.

The 26-year-old militant is believed to be from Nazareth, a city in northern Israel with a predominantly Arab population, according to an Al Arabiya correspondent.
According to the correspondent, he studied mechanical engineering at a college in Nazareth Illit. He reportedly quit university and disappeared three months after joining.

It was later found that he went to Turkey and crossed into Syria to join the moderate rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA). He later switched to the radical extremist ISIS, according to the correspondent.

In ISIS, he took the nom de guerre of Abu Musaab al-Safouri, after the village of Safouri near Nazareth.
Video on Al Arabiya.

And what else can we expect from a Palestinian male who has more than likely been idoctrintated since childhood into believing that martyrdom is the ultimate goal in life. Screw engineering, much more fun to grab a gun and kill.

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