Wednesday, June 20, 2007

7 boring things about moi

Panhandle Poet just tagged me with revealing 7 random things about myself and, in turn, tagging 7 other people. This, too, is my first time being tagged, sooo.....

Let's see:

1. I was born and raised abroad- (and yes, a broad, too).

2. I'm a very spiritual person.

3. Cobalt blue is one of my fave colors. There's something very rich about the colour.

4. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (which I have under control with herbs and supplements).

5. I loathe Brussel Sprouts (used to gag on them as a child).

6. I'd love to be a professional photog. It lifts my spirit.

7. I adore traveling. If I was independently wealthy, that's what I would do instead of acting.

MY TAGEES ARE (but if you choose not to, I totally understood):

1. Frasypoo
2. Pat Jenkins
3. Old Dead Presidents
4. Papa J
5. T
6. Simple Perspectives
7. Lizze


Janie said...

Loved your list!

Panhandle Poet said...

Thank you ma'am. I like it!

Pat Jenkins said...

incog, where in the world were you born? how about showing us some of your photographs you have taken i would like to see them!!! and finally what is this, if you where wealthy, your a famous actor, you probably have some much cash you can't spend it all!!! he he!!

Old Dead Presidents said...

OH! Now I get it.....I'll have to work on this one.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I loathe brussel sprouts too. My dad always had this big garden while I was growing up and he grew lots of brussel sprouts and made me eat them. It was a very traumatic part of my childhood :-).

I too would travel a lot if I had the money.

Incognito said...

JANIE: Thank you. "twas your initial tagging, n'est ce pas?

PAN: :-)

PAT: Phillipine Islands. I think anyone who might know me, who stumbles upon this, will probably easily figure out it's me. Ah well. As for fame.. wouldn't be commuting 50 miles for as little money as I'm getting if I was famous. Actually never wanted it. And seriously, if I had all the money I needed, I'd give this all up. Constant struggle, in many ways.

LMC: If someone wanted to torture me they'd feed me liver and brussel sprouts. Liver also made me gag, when I was a child. You poor thing!! I can understand how traumatic that would be.

Incognito said...

Will look forward to it, ODP.

Pat Jenkins said...

incog, i am sorry for having blown your cover!!!!

lizze said...

Interesting list. Short & sweet :)

I'll do it but I need to ask for some time extension. I have few posts milling around in my head over my last trip, and we are moving next week, and my virtual cat ate my homework? ;)

John Kaiser said...

"I loathe Brussel Sprouts "

Does anyone like them?

BTW the random letters that they force me to enter to validate my post are "ppzak"- for some reason that is quite funny to me.

Incognito said...

P.J. No prob. None of my colleagues read blogs, so I'm probably safe.. for a while.

LIZZE: Don't worry... take your time, I know you're busy for a while. :-)

JOHN: I have some people I know who love them. Go figure. The random letters are annoying but it stops most spam, which is even more annoying. :-)

T said...

Let's get this over with:

1. -Love Brussel Sprouts (w/ butter & pepper) but hate okra and liver.
2. My dog, "Ginger" makes my day.
3. Grimm movies are what I like, but Young Frankenstein makes my week.
4. Green is by far my favorite color (golf, money, etc.).
5. I would love to be a great semi-pro golfer. (It comes with lots of perks like being able to golf all the time.)
6. I'm a somewhat hairy guy that doesn't give a sh**. (Excuse my lingo here.)
7. My wife says I'm "very good looking", but I think she just wants me...

All_I_Can_Stands said...

My kids and I fight over the last brussel sprout. Love 'em! Most people probably just need to add a little salt.

Oh, of course I love spinach too. I am the only one in my family that does though. So I have a few cans ready for whenever I have a taste for it (or some big guy named Bluto comes around making trouble)

Incognito said...

Thank you T for sharing your 7 random things here. "twas meant for your blog, but that's okay..

Hey, AICS. Can't believe so many people love Brussel Sprouts. :-) I do love spinach. But canned... hmm.

T said...

Other than you Inco, (if I posted at my blog) those other guys (Bert & Pistols) are too mean to give a darn about my 7 things. I would be ruthlessly ridiculed and verbally torn to shreds. That is why I did it here under your protection. Those guys are afraid of you, mom.

Incognito said...

:-) You just send them over here T, I'll set 'em straight. I know how mean big 'ol meanie Bert can be to you.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

canned, salty and slimey! Great stuff. Of course I like the fresh stuff too on my salad. There are so few things I don't like. Surprisingly as I get older, I have picked up a few things I now like that I didn't before. I used to hate olives. Now, from time to time I get cravings for them that would impress a pregnant woman.

Incognito said...

Ew, AICS. Good not to be picky, though. Olives, don't touch 'em. But I think we do change tastes over time. Who knows, I might even like Brussell Sprouts. Haven't tried 'em since my youth.

lizze said...

A bit late but I have posted 7 facts about me