Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's my Birthday and D-Day, today!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Incognito, Happy Birthday to me.

Yes, it's my Birthday.... another year older and hopefully wiser, although at this stage in the game, I think I'll start counting backwards. I have to rehearse from 2 to 8, so no celebrations. Ah well.

I discovered, on Encarta, that I share my birthday with some interesting luminaries. They're all dead, except for Kumin:

Sukarno, Indonesia's first president (1901)
Thomas Mann, novelist and short-story writer (1875)
Diego Velázquez, painter (1599)
Robert Falcon Scott, Antarctic explorer (1868)
Bill Dickey, baseball catcher (1907)
Maxine Kumin, poet (1925)

June 6th is also noted for the following historical happenings. Betcha didn't know half of them. The only one I was familiar with was, obviously, D-Day:

1703: Work begins on the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, meant by Tsar Peter I (the Great) to be a “window on Europe.” Learn more about Saint Petersburg.

1884: The group of Republican Party dissidents known as the Mugwumps leaves the party convention, refusing to support its nominee for president, James G. Blaine. Learn more about the Mugwumps.

1925: Under Walter P. Chrysler, a former General Motors executive, the Maxwell Motor Corporation becomes the Chrysler Corporation.

1944: In the largest seaborne invasion in history, known as D-Day, over 120,000 Allied troops land on the beaches of Normandy in German-occupied northern France. Learn more about World War II.

1978: California voters overwhelmingly approve Proposition 13, which cuts local property taxes by more than two-thirds, sending many local governments into financial crisis. Learn more about California.

1984: The Indian army attacks the sacred Golden Temple in Amritsar, killing hundreds of Sikh separatists headquartered there. Four months later, outraged Sikhs assassinate Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Learn more about Indira Gandhi.

For a more extensive list of births and happenings, check it out on Wikipedia.


Panhandle Poet said...

Happy birthday!

May your skies be blue
Your path remain clear
And those you hold close
Remain ever dear

Pat Jenkins said...

well happy birthday!! boy they'll let anyone have one!!! i hope you have a special day!!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Happy Birthday, Wow you must feel old turning 24 and all;)

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday, and two votes for best political blog!

John Kaiser said...

Congrats on the B-day!

Frasypoo said...

Happy Birthday Incog,
Heres to many,many happy years.May you have derive as much pleasure from blogging as we do reading!Also may you continue to find the most interesting topics that happen around the globe!
Also ditto old dead pres.

WomanHonorThyself said...

NOW get back to work!
have an awesome day and save me some cake wouldya? :)

Papa J said...

Tanti Auguri...Just to give my well wishes a foreign flavor.

Incognito said...

Dearest Pan, Pat, BCF, ODP, John, Frasy, Angel and Papa J,
my bloggie buddies and friends...
thank you sooo much!! Now off to rehearsal.
with Love,

PaulaBXX said...

Your blog is such a pleasure, surprise, entertainer, vocal (you know what I mean) startler, that I personally hope we have you around for many many more xxxx
Warmest, warmest wishes to you from Me xx

Strawberry said...

Happy Birthday, Incognito! May God bless you richly as you continue down this road we call life. Have cake and ice cream - it's a special day!!!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Incognito said...

and thank *you* dear Paula, Strawb and LMC!!

lizze said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes!!!

Sorry for dropping by a bit late. I hope you had a good & fun day!

Incognito said...

Thank you dear Lizze... had to rehearse, but that's okay. will celebrate my birthday once the show is open. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just dropped in and saw it was your Birthdat, sorry for the lateness but a belated Happy Birthday to you.

Incognito said...

Thank you so much DD2!!! Still haven't even been able to celebrate it yet.