Monday, June 04, 2007

The paranoid and deluded psyche of a Palestinian Housewife

I don't deny that living in Gaza and other Palestinian enclaves must be hellish. Living in a region with so much daily violence must eventually take it's toll, physically, mentally and emotionally. But most of that hellishness is self-provoked, and it's just as hellish for the Israelis, something the Palestinians refuse to take any responsibility for. They seem to think they have every right to bomb and kill Israelis without some form of reprisal, and yet, when the Israelis do retaliate (and rightfully so), they suddenly feel brutalized and victimized and many, ridiculously, liken it to "genocide". Like Housewife4Palestine. In a recent post, she claims:

"Palestinian Holocaust Worse in History"

"Last night my adopted village was attacked by the Israeli’s, while there are minimal causalities at this time, the destruction of the village is astronomical in proportion. In the occupied terrorties at this time no place is truly safe, the genocide and destruction for us who are Palestinian is so bad that it is becoming too much for our understanding to the extent that it is just a reminder to what Jenin looked like just a few years ago."

This woman is so paranoid and deluded she believes the Israelis are actually waging biological warfare against the Palestinians:
"In every way imaginable, we are being attacked, from the ground, from the air to biological and bacterial warfare. I am yet to understand how anyone with and once of humanity would allow a genocide of this magnitude to continue, for the Jewish holocaust towards what is appearing at this very moment pales in comparison; I am so sad to say. The horror here is so bad, that I wish I could cry; but no tears will come."
She dares to compare what is currently happening with the Palestinians to the Jewish holocaust, where masses of people (and not just Jews) were systematically rounded up, interned, at times tortured, and then exterminated. Not the same thing Miss Palestine. And where does the factional fighting fit in with this supposed "genocide"? Are her own people a part of that genocidal agenda, because much of the Palestinian violence is Muslim on Muslim (Fatah versus Hamas). Then again, she has blamed Israel and the U.S. for supporting Fatah, so perhaps she does feel that way.

Her paranoia is even more evident in an earlier post:
"While there is things out of my control now and I am unable to work as a writer at this time, I thought people should understand what is happening to me. Many people have sent me emails, I think with the recent incursion into the occupied terrorties that something horrific may have happened to me."
Something horrific? Please.
"As some may know, I am apart of the Palestinian Media, [I thought she was just a housewife] as well as some of my work has made it into the global media. If you are Palestinian, some time or other your name will end up on the Israeli hot list for execution; which I did recently and I will admit it is a first for me. I was told recently that some of the execution’s of civilians that wear hijab, nijab or beards was the Israeli attempt to find me and while my heart goes out to all the martyr’s, I am especially upset over the wholesale murder of people especially if the real cause was a murder attempt on my part."
What? A Palestinian housewife was on some Israeli hit list, and a bunch of people were killed who wore hijabs and beards because they were really after her? She has a beard?
"I will assure everyone, that I am not a criminal in any manner, just a simple Palestinian trying to bring foreword the real issues that are effecting us as well as the global situation with the attempt to bring real peace and harmony to the world once again."
As I have said many times before, the peace that Palestinians (like Housewife4Palestine) and others aspire to, is an Islamic world without an Israel.
"Furthermore, this same time, I am in an area that is being infected with an epidemic, which I now have been sick over two weeks and understand that the gestation period if you survive this illness is one month."
Well, we'll see if she is still blogging in a month, and if not, then perhaps I will have to do penance for doubting her ludicrous claims.
"While the current situation as it is, I have been advised to recuperate from my illness, before making a decision’s towards my future endeavourers. It should be understood, what ever my decision would be, it will be through much thought to what Allah wishes of me; for this has always been the driving force in my life. I wish everyone much happiness and a long life, with the hope inshaallah that the world one day will be a better place for all."
The sad truth is that the Palestinians could have peace and harmony if, and only if, they chose to stop fighting. And, unfortunately, if most of the Palestinians think like Housewife4Palestine, and I have a feeling they do, I don't see that happening any time soon. As long as they continue to revel in and relish their victimhood they will continue to kill and be killed.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

excellent one girl!..what a sham they continue to be..and unabashedly so!

Pat Jenkins said...

let's not be fooled. some of the women are as vigorous in the destruction of Isreal as the men, and incog you have found one. good post.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Ah ya gotta love the Wacky one;)

Frasypoo said...

Her story had a lot of holes,did' nt it!

Panhandle Poet said...

Can anyone say Tokyo Rose?

Papa J said...

I hate to say it but Israel should have made them all refugees during the 6 day war, then only let them back in without any guns.

What this nice women has so carefully ommitted is that it was her former country of Egypt that started the conflict. Oh no! She's not to blame.

Still, you have to admit, war is not beautiful. All she is describing is what is a decades long protracted and unofficial war.

Incognito said...

Thank you Prof. Howdy..

ANGEL: Indeed a sham.. True hypocrisy to say one wants peace when one obviously doesn't.

PAT: I know... they foiled a female suicide bomber today in Iraq.

BCF: Yup... she's baaaack....

FRASY: Huge didn't make sense. Sounded a little like the various Truthers we have here.. coming up with all sorts of intrigue that doesn't exist.

PAN: Kinda...

PAPAJ: You're probably right. And I agree... war is hell, but what's going over there is sure as heck not genocide or a holocaust. It's all so crazy.

John Kaiser said...

Comparing the "Palestinians" current situation to the Jewish Holocaust is another sign of the ridiculously over propaganda filled and low brow education that "Palestinians" receive.

VikingWoman from the Netherlands said...

WOW! What an amazing outlook on this Palestinian womans blog post... I am guttered by your narrow minds, and all of these comments on your post.

"I hate to say it but Israel should have made them all refugees during the 6 day war"
WTF! That is just Israel and the Zionists in a nutshell. You always think you stand above all human races and think YOU can do whatever you want. It's not the other way around you fools, last time I checked Palestine did not have any more weapons than a few rockets and some stones, while Israel has EVERYTHING and are sure as hell not afraid of using it. Clusterbombs? Let's GO!! WITH LOVE FROM ISRAEL! Oh and let's just kidnap the whole Palestinian government while we're at it! Build a fucking WALL around your little country. Hell yeah, that will work! I am wondering when you're going to put a ROOF over the walls so that you are completely "safe"!

You know Israel used to have my sympathy. Really. I used to believe the media that the Zionists only wanted to "defend" themselves, reading all the lies coming from the Jewish media. Felt sorry for the Jews and what they went through in WW2. But all your cries about the Holocaust is starting to wear out now, and it is so hard to swallow and accept that the ones that were once followed and brutally murdered by the evil Nazi's has become the Nazi's themselves!! Hard to believe, huh?
That you didn't learn anything from that nightmare is just unbelievable.

You should be ashamed of yourselves and don't think that your narrow perception of the truth is the only and correct one. Not so. The whole world opinion is turning AGAINST the Zionists and their ally, USA.

You wont fucking see it before you have managed to stear the whole world into World War III. But I guess that does not scare you at all, that's probably your last wish.

Stop harassing this woman and get on with your lives!

Sincerely, Lisa Lewy

VikingWoman from the Netherlands said...

Oh and I just wanted to ask you guys this question: Is Israel a country with an army or an army with a country?!