Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cindy Sheehan trades in her "anti-war" Queendom for the "9/11 Truther movement"

Well, I figured it wouldn't take long for someone so englamoured with the spotlight to find her way back to it, though I had no clue it would be this quick. People who are accustomed to attention, like actors, will always "find their light" (a stage term), otherwise they remain in obscurity.

Apparently, Cindy Sheehan has now jumped onto the 9/11 Truther bandwagon.

Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anti-war icon Cindy Sheehan has gone public on her support for the 9/11 truth movement after she told a radio show that the collapse of the twin towers looked like a controlled demolition and that there should be a new investigation into the terrorist attacks.

Sheehan, who made headlines this week after she distanced herself from the Democratic party and the establishment left, joined Alex Jones to share her views on her skepticism towards the official 9/11 story.

Sheehan said her decision to desert the Democrats was sparked last week when the Iraq war funding bill was passed and it was at this point she realized the Democrats had co-opted her simply to help them regain Congress and that they had no interest in ending the war.

Sheehan attacked Hillary Clinton as a "warhawk" and a "warmonger" and said there was very little distinction between her and John McCain or Rudy Giuliani.

On 9/11, Sheehan expressed her support for the Jersey Girl's petition, which calls for a new independent investigation of the terrorist attacks, slamming the 9/11 Commission Report as a "total travesty and a smokescreen."

"George Bush and Dick Cheney held hands and testified behind closed doors, not under oath," said Sheehan, adding, "There are many things that just don't add up on that day."

Sheehan questioned why U.S. air defenses were distracted by drills and exercises scheduled for the morning of 9/11 and why standard operating procedure for intercepting errant aircraft was not followed for the first and only time in history.

"When you lose control of an airplane, you intercept it with a military jet and that should only take seconds - from what I understand it's not even an order to do that it's mandatory," said Sheehan.

Speaking on the collapse of the twin towers, Sheehan stated, "It does look to me like a controlled demolition - I'm not an expert - but it does look to me like a controlled demolition - I'm looking at common sense."

"I do see some very high profile people saying it was an inside job," concluded Sheehan.

I knew she wouldn't fade so easily into oblivion. Now, she has another "project" she can focus on, which will continue to garner her the attention she so obviously needs.

For the full interview on the Alex Jones Show click here.

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Righty64 said...

I confess, you were right about Cindy. I thought that I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I did not follow my own rationale about liberals (socialists). They are always looking for some grievance hence they are never happy people. As far as Alex Jones goes, he is one strange dude and those that buy into his wonderful, wacky world of conspericy also fall into the other trap I have talked about. The Conspericy View of History. You know, a conspericy story seems to make sense of unsensible events, not ever taking into account that sometimes, unsensible events happen, like 9/11. I am really sorry that Cindy did not just fade away.

T said...

"-very high profile people saying..."

Liberals make obscure references for their testimonials (see above), -while true intelligent conservatives quote actual people of integrity.

Newt G. commonly uses great Americans (Dem' or Rep'), foreigners of strength (Churchill, for one) and moments in history that have lead us one way or another to make his point(s). He never quotes in general terminology.

It's very easy to say "most Americans", "the general consensus" or "Rosie 'fire-doesn't-melt-steel' O'Donnel says". What liberals don't realize is this doesn't work on people of intelligence. (What's that say about their followers?)

Actual research about the truth and not hearsay is what makes people of integrity and truth.

One thing about Miss Sheehan: The more she opens her mouth, -the more she proves my point.

Pat Jenkins said...

good catch on this incog, you are spot on. either she has become addicted to the spotlight, is that an acting term, or has gone completely of the deep end with her whackoism. probably a little bit of both.

Panhandle Poet said...

I hope she tells Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes characters hello for me!

Frasypoo said...

Too bad ...I thought she had driven into the sunset and would plunge into oblivion!
Should be funny to see all that spouts from her mouth(ignorance)

Incognito said...

RIGHTY64- I just had a feeling she wouldn't let go of her 15 minutes of fame so easily..
and exactly, they are always looking for a cause..I think life gets too boring when they have nothing to fight about. I had never heard of Alex Jones.

T: Of course they have to be obscure in their references, because, half the time, they probably don't even exist. This way no-one can refute them.

PAT J: I think a little of both...

PAN: I still can't understand how seemingly intelligent people buy into the 9/11 conspiracy theory. And I'm not referring to the Rosie's and Cindy's of the world.

FRASY: Nope... I had a feeling she wouldn't... and it should provide more fodder for the bloggers. :-)

Strawberry said...

You're right - it certainly didn't take long for her to find another cause! Why is she so concerned about whether or not 9/11 happened the way it was reported or was a cover-up? She has already made it clear this country has nothing to offer her!

As to the liberal comments - I would have to agree with T. They use generalizations without any true research or foundation, but try to make it sound legitimate. Hopefully the intelligent can refute the claims being made - but we need to do it very LOUDLY! Otherwise - it will never be heard over the babble of idiocy!

T said...

I, strawberry alarm clock, Inco (and the rest of your fine followers of truth), have and always will refute the nonsense spewed from the left.

Incognito said...

Strawb: I guess because she hates the U.S. so much she wants to find fault, even if unfounded.

T: Amen to that. About all we can do.

Old Dead Presidents said...

Awesome! From Crazy to Bat-Shit Crazy! Thank you Cindy!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...


Incognito said...

Yeah.. pretty crazy... she should just go home and be with her other kids.