Saturday, June 09, 2007

Costa Rica breaks Diplomatic Relations with Taiwan!

Costa Rica has decided to forsake almost 60 years of "solidarity and co-operation" with democratic Taiwan, in order to establish ties with communist China! Taiwan, or the Republic of China (ROC), as it is also known, has been vying for recognition ever since China and Taiwan split in 1949 after the Chinese Civil War. China refuses to establish diplomatic ties with any country that recognizes Taiwan, so, a choice has to be made: Taipei or Beijing, and considering China has its sights set on becoming the next major world super power, it's obvious which choice will be made. Taiwan, sadly, has been slowly losing the battle. There are now fewer than 26 countries which maintain full, formal diplomatic relations with the ROC, although it does have unofficial ties with approximately 147 others.

According to an AP Report, "China spends heavily to induce nations to change diplomatic allegiances, offering investment, loans and other incentives." In other words, it bribes countries to switch allegiances. Money talks, as they say. Sound familiar? That's how Chavez has been managing to win votes and turn other Latin American countries towards his political bent. Not surprising, considering both those systems of government are cut from the same cloth.

Costa Rica's choice is based on economics. China apparently purchased over $1 billion in Costa Rican exports in 2006, and is considered the "Central American nation's No. 1 trading partner." President Oscar Arias obviously wants to continue to profit from China's trade, and so his country has made its choice. Of his decision to break ties with Taiwan, Arias said "China is the most successful emerging economy in the world and soon it will be the second strongest economy in the world after the United States.....We are looking to strengthen the commercial ties and attract investment."

Taiwan's main fear is that with Costa Rica's change of heart, many of the other Latin American countries might be inspired to follow suit, and their 'survival' as a democracy, so to speak, is contingent upon whether they are recognized as a legitimate 'state'. The fewer countries that support Taiwan, the greater the likelihood that it will, eventually, be absorbed by mainland China. Something Beijing desperately wants and Taipei does not. Taiwan has been battling this for decades. It doesn't help that the ROC lost its United Nations seat in 1971 to the People's Republic of China (PRC), even though it was a founding member. Since then, most member states have switched their diplomatic allegiances to Communist China, recognizing the PRC as the only legitimate representative of all Chinese interests. I find it obscene, that the U.N. would dump a founding member state, for a regime that usurped its power to begin with. And to continue to choose a communist country over a democratic sovereign state is appalling. 23 million lives hang in the balance. Their freedom is at stake.

I find this all terribly sad and disturbing, but just proves that it's all about the bottom line.


Strawberry said...

Incog - Isn't it sad that money trumps everything else? Loyalty, honesty, integrity are all below the line, so to speak! My dad refuses to purchase anything that says "Made in China" for that reason.

Panhandle Poet said...

Money talks. How would a trade retaliation such as China as done by destroying perfectly good U.S. goods because of our condemning their tainted products affect a small country like Costa Rica. Of course, the Costa Rican government probably doesn't care whether the products are tainted or not.

Incognito said...

Yeah, it is sad, STRAWB. And with all the "problem" goods coming out of China, it's probably a good idea.

PAN: I know, it's a rather childish reaction, but smart, in a way, what China did. But I think the Costa Ricans would start bothering when they receive products that start killing their citizens.

WomanHonorThyself said...

dang Incognito..this is beyond disturbing..dont ya feel like everywhere ya turn the globe is heating up...ack!

T said...

Hey Inco, good post. However, what it might come down to is "international restitution".

Those countries that need it will be more inclined to trade with countries that are free and democratic. -Easier to "deal" with when there are problems.

Communist entities can tell you "too bad" whenever a defect or damaged product surfaces. What are you going to do, -take them to court?

Foresight (by these smaller countries) might be short for now, but they will come to understand the big picture later-than-sooner.

One big thing China has going for themselves right now: The reality (or illusion?) it is becoming capitalistic. That, coupled with easier travel within their sovereign, has caused a better "comfort level" to deal with.

Look out!

Richard said...

I do agree with you here, but we should keep in mind that the US has increased aid (or debt relief) to some of its allies by 5 times (since 9/11) in some cases, and in the case of Morocco by 10 times in the last year. Morocco is where the CIA 'unofficial' prisoner planes have been diverted to since Europe banned them.

Money does talk, but let's lead by example.

Incognito said...

ANGEL: Yes... things are def. heating up, all over the world.

T: Actually, in another article, Arias actually flat out says they turned to China because the Chinese were giving them more.. that the Taiwanese weren't taking good enough 'care' of them. And I hope you are right.. at least before it's too late for Taiwan to remain a democratic state. I still am convinced both Russia and China are countries to 'look out' for.

RICHARD: Glad you agree... but not sure about the comparison, in this instance.. re. leading by example.