Thursday, June 21, 2007

You get what you ask for: Palestinians and the escalating violence

They say "you get what you ask for", and it looks like the Palestinians got just that. If you choose 'darkness', that's exactly what you will get. You vote, overwhelmingly, into power a terrorist organization, and you'll get chaos, violence and death. The Palestinian people had to have known that there would be repercussions, both globally and locally, for choosing terrorists to head their government, and yet they still voted them in. Since electing Hamas into power, the situation there has progressively worsened. A cesspool to begin with, it has now degenerated into something far worse, if that's at all possible. But what did they expect to accomplish by voting in a majority leadership that embraces violence with as much fervour as their religion? Did they really expect the violence to stop, rather than escalate? Did they expect the world to embrace them with open arms, rather than slapping sanctions on them? Or, did they vote for Hamas because they believed, in their hearts of hearts, that only Hamas would be capable of accomplishing what most Palestinians truly want: an end to Israel. Not Peace. Because "Peace" does not exist in the Hamas vernacular.

I realize not all Palestinians voted for Hamas (I'm sure most of the Christians there didn't), and it's those people my heart bleeds for. Christians in Gaza have already been warned to submit to Islam, or suffer the consequences. Peace activists and UN workers were gunned down and killed in Gaza, by Hamas militants:
"The first incident occurred when some 1,000 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators marched in Gaza City demanding that Hamas end its
murderous rampage, reported Ha'aretz. As the protesters approached a Hamas position, militants opened fire, killing two people and sending the rest scattering in fear. Shortly after, two employees of the UN refugee relief agency operating in Gaza were shot dead by Hamas gunmen, prompting the world body to suspend its aid work in the blood-soaked coastal strip."
How utterly lacking in conscience is that? And, of course, they'll immediately criticize Aid groups for abandoning them. And the anti-Israelis and idiots, like Jimmy Carter, will continue to bemoan the situation there, and blame the Israelis and the U.S., and anyone other than the Palestinians themselves.

I know this is a simplistic solution to an enormously complicated situation, but I firmly believe that if the Palestinians could somehow shed their decades worth of virulent hatred, accept that Israel has as much a right to exist as they do, and make a concerted effort to live peaceably together, embracing their neighbours as brothers not as enemies, then perhaps there could be peace in that region. But there are still many, like Housewife4Palestine, who wholeheartedly support Hamas and their vision of an Israeli-free world, and as long as they exist, peace is well-nigh impossible.

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Pat Jenkins said...

incog, recognizing israel is the issue, and that may never occur!!!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

UGH!...Pallies= monsters!
off for vacation hun..will post when I get there!
miss ya!

Panhandle Poet said...

How can they shed their hatred when they pound it into their children's head from the day they are born??? Won't happen.

MUD said...

You can lead a terrorist to the water but you can make him not hate. There is no talking to them and making them see the light. When people hate another group of people and are willing to kill their children and themselves to rid the world of the other group, there is no solution but a good old fashion war. They screw with the Israelis long enough and they will get just that. I am so tired of hearing about the lunacy of Jimmy Carter. He was wrong then and will always be wrong. Takeover my embassy and you will pay for it in blood, your blood. MUD

Incognito said...

I know. They have never nor will they ever accept Israel. But for those pro-Palestinians, I want to highlight that there could be peace if the Palestinians chose peace. The point is that they refuse to.

Sad but true, MUD. But it looks like they are killing each other off. Maybe that's the solution.

Karen said...

It does sound harsh, but, let them kill each other off. The Palestinians can't blame Israel on the latest violence as it was all them killing each other. Barbarians.

I have begun to hear, though, it is all President Bush's fault. Big surprise there, huh.

John Kaiser said...

"They say "you get what you ask for", and it looks like the Palestinians got just that."

Now I wonder, do they really "get it." I mean they see the consequences. But the bigger question is do they understand that it is related to electing terrorists or will they twist it and blame it all on those evil Jews? I bet on the latter.

Strawberry said...

They don't believe they have asked for anything wrong! The Palestinians want Israel gone and will never accept they, meaning Israel, have as much right to exist.

You can almost guarantee that blame will be placed on Israel, the US and others who support Israel! It's always someone else's fault isn't it?!

Great post Incog!

Incognito said...

KAREN: It certainly would make things easier, wouldn't it. Of course,they blame everything on Israel, the US and Bush. Absolutely no surprise.

JOHN K: No, I doubt they get it because they feel totally victimized and justified in their hatred for the Israelis. Plus it's just darn easier to blame others, rather than ourselves.

STRAWB: That, in truth, is the sad thing. Most probably don't believe they did anything wrong in choosing Hamas. I'm sure they felt that they would get the deed done better than the more moderate Fatah. And they do blame Israel and the U.S. Housewife4Palestine is one of those who believes the US and Israel supporting Fatah is the cause of all their problems.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I haven't had much time to comment lately, but I've been loving your recent posts. I dug the Castro post the most!