Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Castro assures Bush "You will never have Cuba!", so there!

There are people who love to blame the U.S. for the ills of the world. And, why not, I guess? Someone has to be blamed, and it's easier to blame others for our own failures, so why not the U.S. There are also those who seem to think that we have some grand, nefarious, imperialistic goal of eventually taking over the whole world. Uh, no, there are other political and religious ideological entities that have that end result in mind. You just have to look back through history to see who the worst imperialist offenders were, and that mind-set hasn't changed much since those days. The U.S. could care less about establishing an Empire, and who, in their right (civilized mind), would want that responsibility, anyway? But there are those who keep attempting to perpetuate that myth. Fidel Castro, it seems, is one such person that is convinced that we have our eyes firmly set on his small island, and by God, says he, the people of Cuba and their "revolution will fight until the last drop of blood" to defend that land. A mere 90 miles from the Florida Keys, I guarantee you, that if we truly wanted Cuba, it would have been ours a long time ago.

Castro shared his quite laughable paranoia in a full page manifesto to the people, published in the Communist Party newspaper, Granma, on Monday. (Definitely worth a read.) It's a long diatribe on how the U.S. is responsible for all their woes and how:
"Bush has intensified his plans for an occupation of Cuba, to the point of proclaiming laws and an interventionist government in order to install a direct imperial administration."
Huh? What laws and what interventionist government?

He also broaches the subject of the U.S. embargo against Cuba:
"It will very soon be 50 years since our people started suffering a cruel blockade; thousands of our sons and daughters have died or have been mutilated as a result of the dirty war against Cuba, the only country in the world to which an Adjustment Act has been applied inciting illegal emigration, yet another cause of death for Cuban citizens, including women and children."
As far as I know, the U.S. is the only country that has an embargo against Cuba, and that was initiated only after Cuba confiscated the property of U.S. Citizens. Why should a country be allowed to forcibly seize property belonging to others without repercussions? Is that fair? I think not. That's just common, government-mandated thievery. Granted, Cubans did lose their main source of supplies, 15 years ago, with the collapse of Communist Eastern Europe and the USSR, but surely, they can do business with other countries. The U.S. has never forced global sanctions on Cuba, so there are plenty of other countries that certainly could trade with them. What about China? And, I always thought the whole concept of Communism was to be self-sufficient, and to share the wealth amongst the people. Shouldn't they be thriving, by now? As far as I could tell, when I visited there in the 80s, the top Communist Party officials seemed to be living quite well, while the impoverished people continued to suffer, a mere 20 years after Castro's glorious "revolution". A revolution that was meant to better the lot of the Cubanos, and which has managed to do the opposite, through no fault other than a failed political system.

He's, obviously clueless as to why so many of his people will do anything to get off that communist 'paradise', including risking life and limb, by setting out to sea on a tire. He touts the Revolution for:
"training hundreds of thousands of teachers, doctors, scientists, intellectuals, artists, computer engineers and other professionals with university and post-graduate degrees in dozens of professions. This storehouse of wealth has allowed us to reduce infant mortality to low levels, unthinkable in any Third World country, and to raise life expectancy as well as the average educational level of the population up to the ninth grade."
But, who cares, frankly, about free education, sub-par medical services, reduced infant mortality and a higher life-expectancy, when you have no freedom and your quality of life is sorely lacking.

He also blames imperialism for global warming:
"Hunger and thirst, more violent hurricanes and the surge of the sea is what Tyranians and Trojans stand to suffer as a result of imperial policies. It is only through drastic energy savings that humanity will have a respite and hopes of survival for the species; but the consumer societies of the wealthy nations are absolutely heedless of that."
What can I say?!

He ends his missive with a message to George W:
"I assure you that you will never have Cuba!"
Guess what, we don't want Cuba! We might want freedom for your people, but don't flatter yourself, Fidelcito, the U.S. has no designs on your small, crumbling piece of real estate.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

The Castro government will likely fall at his death, much as the former Yugoslavian state crumbled on Tito's demise. It will be less bloody however as the ethnic rivalries are much less explosive. He is a dying man and a communist who cannot reconcile his own mortality with the death of his failed ideology. That refusal is his will to live.

WomanHonorThyself said...

LOL...He also blames imperialism for global warming...oh gosh too funny Incognito girl!

hey I made it to your blogroll!..I must check to see if I ever added

Karen said...

Ah, Fidel. He so crazy!

danny wright said...

He sounds like the average Democrat to me. Great piece on the old man. I can't help but wonder if he actually believes this stuff. If he does, then I suppose the Dem's believe their stuff. This is getin scary.

Drew said...

Y'know, after keeping the people on his little island under his heel for so long, his age and the pressures he faces are bound to get to him. I'm just proud of him for actually picking the country with the embargo against Cuba.

Though it would be funny to hear him launch into such a diatribe against some random other country.

Panhandle Poet said...

I'm sure you are correct in that we have no "imperial" designs on Cuba. However, I wish we would just take the island, clean house, and be done with it. It would be expensive, messy, and time consuming, but I think it would make us all feel bettr.

Frasypoo said...

The only one who thinks that is Fidel Castro.His people hate him and thats saying something about his rule.We met a school teacher in Miami who had escaped from Cuba and the hatred was so obvious.Our church did a mission trip to Cuba and the stories we heard was awful.Its a beautiful place and we have stood on the deck of many a cruise ship and looked at Cuba in the distance wishing we could visit.One day.... it will be soon though

Pat Jenkins said...

incog, what pray tell do you think will happen to ole' Cuba once fidel meets his maker? still communist? it may be impossible to keep it such!!!!

Panhandle Poet said...

Incognito, I'm certain you will be thrilled to know that I have tagged you. Come on over and check out the guidelines.

Incognito said...

BCF: I dunno. His brother is just as diehard as he is. It might change, somewhat. But you're right, it would be less bloody.

ANGEL: Have been slowly getting my blogroll in order.

KAREN: Yeah, he is but he is also quite well loved. That love might be waning though.

DANNY: Thanks! Absolutely, he believes it. Just like Chavez believes it and many non-3rd world citizens believe it. It's great for those in power, but the people usually suffer.

DREW: Yeah... and the fact that after all these years he has not bettered the lives of his people.

PANHANDLE: But we can't. The people have to want to change. They, like the Palestinians voted into power those they wanted. For better or for worse. At least the Palestinians knew what they were voting for, Castro came to power as a Socialist and immediately switched to Communist, once in power. I wonder if the Cubans would have voted him in, knowing that.

FRASY: I think the only people who hate him are the Cuban exiles.. there are still plenty, in Cuba who adore him. God knows why. And it might have been a beautiful place, once, but when i was there in 80s it was rundown and wretched. I can't imagine it has improved since then.

PAT J: If his brother Raul takes over, it will stay the same, unless the people revolt. which is possible.

Frasypoo said...

Incog...well I guess that those pretty pics about cuba were just not true...Maybe it was the tourist side...
And I guess the people who dont know better still like Fidel.

Incognito said...

Yeah, Frasy.. I think they've tried to renovate some of the touristy areas, but it's still very sad looking from recent pics I've seen from there.. mostly rundown.

Veradero Beach was nice, but so are plenty others in the Caribbean