Thursday, June 28, 2007

Islam and the culture of hate

We are not born with the inherent capacity to hate. Feelings of hatred, prejudice and bigotry are learned emotions. Oftentimes passed on from generation to generation and ethnic group to ethnic group, it's a result of ignorance and feelings of separation and superiority. I'm not talking about the "hatred" we have for things that are mere personal preference, like hating brussels sprouts or heavy metal music. The hatred I'm talking about is the hatred generated for those who happen to be different from us, be it racial, religious, economic or cultural. A hatred so unbridled and fierce, that it elicits a strong, uncontrollable desire to physically harm that group of people because of those perceived differences. That kind of hatred is taught. It is also definitely a choice. As adults, we can either choose to allow hatred to poison our minds and hearts, or we can refuse to allow those feelings to transform us into hate-mongers. We can either choose to sow the seeds of intolerance by teaching our children to hate others, or we can teach them to love and respect those who are different.

The following video is an eye-opening series of clips demonstrating how the Arab Muslims systematically indoctrinate their children with hatred. From cartoons that glorify violence and child suicide bombers, to an interview with sickeningly proud mothers of Hezbollah martyrs, to an interview with a Saudi Arabian Cleric Muhammad Hassan who proclaims that:

"The heroes in the land of Falluja. The heroes in the land of Palestine. The heroes in the land of Chechnya have brought a smile or a spark of hope back to the wounded. While any righteous Muslim searches for a spark of light in this utter darkness. Children, my brother. Children teach the adults the meaning of manhood. Who would have thought that one day our children would make history and blow themselves up?"


Karen said...

Americans have no way of relating to a culture of hate. We grow up learning the exact opposite - love your neighbor, etc.

We cherish freedom of religion here. We cannot possibly understand the danger of a culture that believes in the idea that someone who is a non-believer must be killed.

That is why the war on terror is not taken seriously by the far left. They seem so unworldly and naive. That thinking will get us all killed.

Pat Jenkins said...

who hates heavy metal music incog? no haten' head bangers here. you bring up a debatable and challenging subject, the genisis of hate or bigotry. yes, as you have eloquently pointed, out the idea of superiority over someone can be taught, there is also the possibility for those to reject any ascertions. i am not necessarily disagreeing with you, but i also believe those resentments can be found in the soul void of any outside influence. how to solve such vile, whatever the source, may be a tougher solution.

Incognito said...

KAREN: I'm not sure about that. I think we have the potential for it here, though not to the extent they do over there. Not that far back in our history we had the whole lynching black people etc.
But yes, we don't go around bombing people of other religions.

PATJ: :-) Yeah, heavy metal jars my nerves. Are you talking being gentically passed down. It's a possibility... and I do believe some children can be born evil.. but for the most part I think it *is* taught and it is definitely a choice to allow that to live within our minds and hearts.

Fidelio said...

Erm, I think you'll find that you have spent most of the last decade (and in the 60's and 70's) bombing people of other religions. Perhaps that could be some of the cause of their hatred, no?

And who do you think I am? What was your last reply to my last comment about?

Pat Jenkins said...

i don't think i would characterize it as genetics incog, and yes culture can influence, hence how blacks were veiwed in the old south. people have a freedom to choose a hatred or disgust with something or someone. in this case, the people of islam, it is grouped when it comes to the hatred of jews, and religous in terms of versus christianity. each sperately has his prejudice, collectively they are a danger. i hope that explained myself well enough. it probably made it more confusing.

Incognito said...

FIDELIO: You do make me laugh, lad. Although you might think I'm stupid, I'm far from it.

I know this is you, Lambent/Purist/Troika/Char Siu Bao/Richard and a few others you've come up with. This last one is the best.. actually a toss up between this one and the Char Siu Bao.

I can tell it's you not only from the content of your comments but the "erms" etc.

I'm still waiting for 'Richard's' links to the blog on Daily Mail. I checked out the Daily Mail and there are no blogs by a Richard. care to enlighten me.

Don't know why you don't just admit who you are. I've told you I have no problem with dissenting comments as long as they are presented in a civil manner. I noticed you are back blogging.

Now to your comment:Not sure who you are referring to as "you"...or "other" religions other than Islam... BUT all the bombing originated with people from the Islamic religion... it did not start the wstern world...
And if the "you" you are referring to is Israel.. they did not start the bombing either. If I had some terrorist types strapping on bombs and blowing up my people or lobbing bombs from their side of the border I'd retailiate and be justified in doing so.

Panhandle Poet said...

A book that you might consider reading that is on this subject is "Operation Desert Light" by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen. It is extremely relevant and makes you think about issues on both sides of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. One must read it with a desire to see beyond personal predjudices in order to get the most out of it. It includes a lot of good historical material to many of the issues involved.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great work Incognito..there is no truth to be found about Israel on line because Google are the biggest lib anti American anti semites around..thank God for right wing blogs hun!!!!!!!!

jon said...

To embrace the notion that hatred is anything but a learned response is to essentially renounce reason. Hatred is an emotion, and emotions are largely mastered by ones ability to be rational. One must come to conclusions based on the power of their ability to reason. What we see today among many people, not just those who would see us dead, is what happens when people reject reason. They don't see any inconsistency between a just war and an injust action. They offer appeasement to acheive peace at any cost. The cost? 8 to 12 million Jews under Hitler. 18 million Russians under Stalin. 280,000 Rawandans die. They lack the power to come to the conclusion, through critical thought, that a threatening ideology that has taken root and practiced by a militant organized power is a threat to all humanity and they stand around while millions of innocent people are slaughtered as they were in World War II and post Vietnam and every period between and after.

Their hatred is no different than the hatred of the Nazi party brown shirts, and we, today, suffer the same inability to look evil in the face and call it what it is. Evil. We have learned practically nothing since the days of Chamberlain and Churchill.

Incognito said...

Thank you Pan, I will check into it.

True, ANGEL, there is not much out there, sadly.

Hello, JON. Thank you so much for your comment! Very eloquently put and very true! Please come back and share more of your thoughts.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This is at the very least a horrible form of child abuse. It amazes me how much Christians are demonized and yet we would never dream of teaching or doing such things. It is incomprehensible that a culture would do this to its children.

Karen said...

And today comes the story that the Mickey Mouse character used in Palestinian childrens shows was killed off by a person used to represent an Israeli official. No shock there.

Some folks, like your commentor Fidel, don't understand our actions due to their own tunnel vision of world affairs. We use force against actions taken by other nations, not because of what religion is practiced in the nation. We don't kill people due to religious differences. That's the difference between the U.S. and the Islamofacists who believe all non-Muslims must be killed for their perfect world. The nutjob in Iran is a perfect example.

Incognito said...

KAREN: I know, it's all very disturbing. And even more disturbing that there are those who believe all that violence and teaching children to hate is justified.

lizze said...

I am getting more and more concerned that this religion might be another Nazi mistake.

If I could be proven wrong, I'd be so so happy.

Incognito said...

You and me both, Lizze. I wish I was wrong, but day after day it seems like we aren't.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

No matter how many times I view videos like this, the realization somehow never gets any easier that the hate is SO profound as to be virtually unstoppable. People simply do not comprehend that the regular peace processes and negotiation skills that other types of classic enemies have had don't really apply to a hatred of the Jews that is so ingrained in culture and history that it predates almost all present conflicts.

Western media and all the talk of the "Peace Flotilla" and the Hamas activists and terrorist allies as having some kind of hero status is truly unforgivable. They should know better. As nasty as Helen Thomas was, at least she spoke her mind at long last on what I suspsect many in media and politics really think in their hearts about Israel.

Truly scary.