Friday, June 08, 2007

Britain's top 2 names for newborn baby boys: Jack and .....

Guess what the top 5 names Brits are calling their bouncing baby boys:

Jack, Joshua, Oliver, Thomas and Mohammed!

And would you believe that of those top 5 names (in 2006), according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Jack came in first with 6,928 newborns so named, and Mohammed (and its 14 different variations), came in 2nd, with a whopping 5,991! And, it looks like Mohammed (the most popular spelling) is poised to become the most popular name by next year, if the birth trends of the Muslim population in Britain continue to grow, as they have been. According to The Times, there are approximately 1.5 million Muslims in England (3% of the population),

"However, the Muslim birthrate is roughly three times higher than the nonMuslim one. Statistics from the ONS show that Muslim households are larger than those headed by someone of another religion. In 2001, the average size of a Muslim household was 3.8 people while a third contained more than five people."
If the birthrate of Muslims is 3 times higher than non-Muslims, and continues to grow exponentially, well, you do the math.

The different versions of Mohammed.

Mohammed 2,833
Muhammad 1,422
Mohammad 920
Muhammed 358
Mohamed 354
Mohamad 29
Mahammed 18
Mohammod 13
Mahamed 12
Muhammod 9
Muhamad 7
Mohmmed 6
Mohamud 5
Mohammud 5

Wonder what happened to Mahomet!


Richard said...

What's your point here? That Britain is a multicultural society?

Strawberry said...

Maybe the point is that we are fixing to be way out numbered in this world! Actually - if Muslims have their way - it won't be multicultural - it will be Muslim! Either the others convert or else!

WomanHonorThyself said...

the UK is gone...dhimmified and gone!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

I read about this, what a lark eh?

Righty64 said...

For Richard, the problem is not that Britain is a multicultural society, it is that Muslims are having many more children and they will be the future of Britain. And Britian is not doing anything to assimilate the Muslims but are doing all they can to be accomadating, even to the point of NOT teaching about the holocaust because that maybe offensive to some Muslims. I will use a favortite liberal buzzterm that should say it all: Speak truth to power. The truth is, we are heading the same way if we let socialists like Hilary Clinton and her ilk get the levers of power.

lizze said...

"Britian is not doing anything to assimilate the Muslims"

I do not agree with this statement. Britain do not have to that, it should be the other way around. Muslims need to adjust, accept and adhere to UK law and culture.

Quite frankly, in London many religions and races are living together mainly in harmony. Not every Muslim named Mohammed (or similar!) is a terrorist and have a world conquer strategy in mind.

You cannot and should not judge everyone like that. The mainstream moderate Muslim has a lot of work to do and sort out the fundamentalism. But if you pair them together with the fundamentalist, you are hurting them as well as the rest of the western world.

Pat Jenkins said...

incog, you've hit a nerve with some, we have got your back!!!

Panhandle Poet said...

"Wonder what happened to Mahomet!" -- he's dead. Has been a long time. Always will be. Why found a religion on a dead guy??

Frasypoo said...

Great post incog.
It seems like every time you say the word "muslim",you get a lot of protest comments !!
I did not see what "Lizze" was commenting about...was it an older post ?

lizze said...

I am commenting on Righty64 comment above.

Incognito said...

Personally, I have no problem with multi-culturalism...both in the arts and in society..What I do have a problem with is when a non-native culture attempts to dominate to the detriment of all others...

I just find it interesting that the Muslims are procreating to a far greater degree than non-Muslims... and what does that bode for western societies? If, say for example, England or France become majority Muslim, do you not think that with their increased voting power they will not begin to vote to office Muslims? And the country will then start to cater to their needs.. and we already know what that means.
It looks to me as if the moderates are becoming more conservative..and though they might not be terrorist fanatics, I still think even the moderates would probably be happy if we had Sharia Law. Not the secular Muslims, but certainly the moderates. I'm not willing to live under Sharia Law.

Strawberry said...

Amen, Sister! Nor do I want to live under Sharia Law!

MUD said...

One of my friends sent me a note on "what's in a name?" that I copies and pasted on my blog site. Funny stuff. MUDf

danny wright said...

If you havn't read America Alone by Mark Steyn I highly recommend it. He analyses the demographics of Islamic immigration and procreation and the impact its having on Europe.

Incognito said...

Strawb... Over my dead body, :-)

MUD: I got that one too, a while ago. It is clever.

DANNY: Thanks... I will check it out!

~cuttsy~ said...

"According to the sixth edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia (2000), Muhammad is "probably the most common given name" in the world, including variations. It is estimated that more than million people in the world bear the name Muhammad."

I'm a brit and yes we are multicultural but despite what the news reports would suggest we are not being taken over by muslims!

The popular use of the name Muhammad should not be read as an indication of the populations growth of Muslims. It is common for a very high percenatge of muslim boys to have at least one of their given names as a derivitive of Muhammad hence the names position in the charts.


~cuttsy~ said...

Oops, that should have read, 'It is estimated that more than 15 million people in the world bear the name Muhammad'
and honestly they dont all live in England!


Richard said...

You really make this sound like you believe Muslims are procreating quickly to overtake the world!

Come on... this is what Jewsih communities were accused of, and that was ridiculous!

Incognito said...

CUTTSY: Well, that's good to hear, but there are other Brits that do seem to believe that the rise in the Muslim population, and the unwillingness of many of them to assimilate, could bode trouble. As for the name Mohammed... obviously not all 15 mill. live in England, you don't have that many living there, no? :-) I would assume most of those Mohammeds live in predominantly Muslim countries. and I'd also assume that non-Muslims would not call their kids Mohammed...

RICHARD: Is this you, Lambent/Troika etc? Of course I don't believe there is some vast Islamic conspiracy to procreate and take over the world. However, it is a fact that they have a tendency to bear more children ( for whatever cultural or religious reason)whilst the Europeans etc. are having fewer... so one only has to do the math.. if the native population is diminishing and the immigrant (Muslim) population is growing then, yeah, they will eventually outnumber you... us.