Saturday, July 21, 2012

Facebook is a CIA front! Iran's PressTV Buys Into The Onion's Story

Facebook is a CIA front, Mark Zuckerberg is a CIA agent, and he just received a prestigious award from the spy agency for his work with Facebook. That's what the satire website The Onion would have you believe. Sadly, there are many clueless people who don't realize that anything posted on The Onion is for entertainment purposes only, including the Iranian state-owned PressTV. The 24 hour English language news network, based in Tehran, glommed onto that bit of false information and actually referenced it as fact. Ha.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if conspiracy-theorists out there actually believe there is truth in the story, in spite of the source.

It's pretty darn funny, though.

Here's the original The Onion video.
Here's the original PressTV video.


Anonymous said...

They're back on. Their previous Facebook page got pulled by Facebook because they used false account software to try and appear more popular. So the audit must have read them as spam.

They doubled their following in weeks yet the comments or "shares / Likes" never increased.

Incognito said...

Ha... thanks for the link. What a bunch 'o crap they post. then again, look at who their journalists are. Galloway?!

Anonymous said...

galloway is a member of parliament for your notice (in uk) if u dont like this news channel just unlike it, as simple as that, i wonder why if its always lying and has no fans why theyve taken press tv to european court twice to stop them from publishing ???(which they lost by the way) there must be something theyre saying that the western dont want u and me to know, its up to u which one u wanna believe, the truth or the propaganda crap of western mainstream, for me i prefer the truth, u guys sound like a bbc cnn sort of people, all news back the country's of origin not just press tv, good luck

Incognito said...

I know Galloway is an MP, he is also an anti-Semite and an a-hole.

It has nothing to do with liking or not, it has great fodder for ridicule, why would I "unlike" it. as for the rest of your comment, I have no clue what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Galloway's not an anti-semite. I'm sure he has plenty of Arabic friends. As for the rest i'm sure you know exactly what he's talking about.

Incognito said...

No idea what YOU are talking about.