Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pakistani Olympic Team Visa Scam Discovered By The Sun

I don't enjoy watching sports except every 4 years when I sit down to enjoy the best athletes in the world competing. I love that, for the most part, certain countries can set aside their animosity and hatred for each other and just participate in healthy competition, even if it's only for a few weeks.

I pray nothing horrific happens, like it did in 1972 in Munich, but one can never tell. The level of violence since the 1970s has spiraled out of control, and nowhere in the West are we safe. Although British police denied any clear ties to the Olympics, 6 Muslim extremists were arrested in a series of raids early July, including Brit convert Richard Dart aka Salahuddin Al Britani.  He's the freeloader who has been enjoying a carefree life living in a rent-free luxury apartment and receiving £1,250 per month in benefits, courtesy of the U.K. taxpayer, and who threatened the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

Yes, security is heightened, but does the Olympic Committee really have that much control over the hordes of workers it has hired? What about the security?  Easily infiltrated. And what about the delegates that travel with the athletes?  Granted it's a tabloid, but the UK Sun uncovered a massive Pakistani Olympic Team visa scam. They're not claiming there were any terrorists given visas, but the potential is/was certainly there:

It's so sad the world has come to this- that one has to worry about the potential of terrorist strikes at any venue that attracts large crowds, but it is what it is. If only the spirit of camaraderie and global brotherhood that events like the Olympics create, could carry over into the real world. I doubt that will happen in my lifetime.  But you never know.

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