Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reasons For High Health Care Costs In The U.S.

The U.S. still ranks as the fattest country at 33.8% (guess it's all those Burgers, fries and chocolate shakes), followed closely by Mexico at 30% (Mexican food is yummy but very fattening), so if obesity is a contributing factor to high health costs, as the infographic below declares, it's not at all surprising. It also mentions another reason is that our hospitals are resource heavy, which is true, but they also often gouge. I remember a stay in a hospital in 2004 where they tried to bill me $500.00 for one of those little plastic bins with a small packet of Kleenex, flimsy socks, and maybe a toothbrush. We did not pay, but they had the audacity to charge that amount.

One of the major reasons our health care costs are so high is rampant fraud coupled with the litigious nature of our society. People cheat the system, it finds a way to regain that lost revenue and the rest of us suffer. To get back on track we need Tort Reform and major oversight when it comes to fraud, especially Medicare Fraud. $452 million in this Florida case.

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Health Care Costs Infographic
Via: Medicare Supplemental

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