Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Throw Putin Out"- Russian Punk Group Faces Jail For Blasphemy

An anti-Putin protest song has landed 3 members of a Russian female punk rock group 'Pussy Riot'- yes, that's the name- in major trouble. They could be sentenced for up to 7 years in prison, for- get this- blasphemy against the Russian Orthodox Church. Apparently, during the numerous anti-Putin riots in February four of them barged into a Church and performed their impromptu punk protest- see video below- and as a result are facing the charge of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility." Other than some obscenities, all they were asking was to "throw Putin out." I'm trying very hard, here, to figure out the blasphemy angle. Do the Russians consider Putin a religious figure, or maybe God? Is that where the blasphemy comes in?

Glad to see the Russian government continues to be as repressive as it was during Communist rule, and that the Russian Orthodox Church is so enamored of Putin and his ways.

UPDATE 8/17/2012:

Pussy Riot members sentenced to 2 years in jail!

Source BBC, TelegraphUK

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