Monday, July 23, 2012

Saudi Arabian Non-Muslims Could Be Deported For Not Respecting Ramadan Fast

I'm of the mind that if you choose to move to another land/culture you need to integrate, and follow the rules of your newly adopted country. This does not happen often in the West. Though some immigrants do make the effort to assimilate, many don't. They tend to congregate in certain areas, and segregate themselves from the rest of the population. They refuse to learn the language and insist on forcing their ways on others. I don't mind cultural, ethnic and religious differences, just don't impose them on me.

That said, the latest official edict out of Saudi Arabia doesn't bother me one bit.

The Interior Ministry has told non-Muslim expats that they better not flaunt food in front of Muslims during Ramadan (which just started, and lasts a month) or they could be fired and/or deported.

The non-Muslim expatriates in this country should respect the sentiments of Muslims by not eating, drinking and smoking in public places, including roads and workplaces,” stated an Interior Ministry statement issued by the Saudi Press Agency, adding that violators will be either deported or sacked.

The ministry said that eating and drinking openly are seen as an embarrassment to Muslims, as abstaining from food and drinks from sunrise till sunset are one of the visible features of Ramadan that must be respected.

“Being a non-believer of Islam does not exempt an expatriate from being inconsiderate of the feelings of Muslims and the Islamic symbols of this country.”

They aren't forcing non-Muslims to honor the fast, just not to pig out in public. Fair enough, you live in a Muslim country, you follow their rules. And come August 18, they can start eating in public again.

Too bad so many Muslims don't "respect the sentiments" of non-Muslims in the West. Maybe we should threaten to deport Muslims (and others) who refuse to follow our rules. 

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