Sunday, July 22, 2012

Israel Responsible For Bulgarian "False-Flag" Bombing Event- Claims Kevin Barrett On Iran's PressTV

The fact that the rabid anti-Semite, pro-Palestinian, former British MP George Galloway is a regular contributor on the state-run Iranian PressTV news channel should give you some indication of how trustworthy it must be. In other words, anything you read on PressTV should be viewed with a healthy dose of scepticism, although admittedly it's good for a laugh. Like the fact they bought The Onion's "Facebook is a CIA and Mossad front", hook, line and sinker.

The latest laugh-worthy article is a story about the tragic Bulgarian bus bombing that killed 8-  most of them Israeli tourists, along with the bus driver and the suicide bomber. 33 others were injured. Initially the bomber was thought to be 33-year-old Swedish Al-Qaeda terrorist Mehdi Ghezali who had been released from Guantanamo in 2004, however Swedish authorities have denied that possibility. The bomber has yet to be identified, so time will tell. In the meantime,  Israel has blamed it on Iran and/or Hezbollah, and the U.S. also seems to think that it's likely it was a Hezbollah operation.

On the other hand, PressTV published an article by Dr. Kevin Barrett (of 9/11 Truther and other conspiracy idiocies fame), who believes Israel killed her own.  Yes, there are wackos out there who believe in what they call "false-flag" events (of which 9/11 was apparently one), and Barrett thinks this was one, too:

“Even before the dust had settled and the victims were laid to rest, the Israelis and their global media assets were blaming Iran for the attack in Burgas, Bulgaria,” Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote in an article published on Press TV Website.

“History shows that whenever authorities blame a convenient scapegoat before the evidence is in, the attack in question is almost certainly a false-flag event.”

False-flag terror operations seek to cast blame on the designated scapegoat as quickly as possible. Why? Because most people are heavily influenced by first impressions. If the first report we hear tells us that the North Vietnamese attacked a US ship, that JFK was shot by a Communist named Oswald, that Osama Bin Laden and 19 young Arabs orchestrated the events of 9/11, or that Iran was behind the Bulgarian bus bombing, people are likely to continue to believe that initial report, even if subsequent evidence conclusively disproves it.

Barrett says another reason for the “rush to judgment” is that public anger quickly fades after the incident; therefore a quick media hype blaming the scapegoat is necessary to take the most advantage of the “wave of useful indignation” that the event provokes.

Barrett concludes that “Iranian intelligence is very professional. Yes, they may someday find a way to take revenge against Israel for the ongoing wave of murders and terrorism against Iranian civilians and scientists - as would any other intelligence agency in their place - but hokey plots like the Saudi Ambassador fiasco, or going after a busload of Israeli tourists, just isn't their style. And the last thing Iran wants right now is to give Israel and its American vassal the excuse to launch a war.”

Wow. These people actually exist, and are teaching in our universities.  Well, at least were,  in Barrett's case. Barrett, is a former University professor, and convert to Islam, so it's obvious where his sympathies lie. He also has his own website Truth Jihad, where you can find more fun, lunatic fringe info.


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