Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Israeli Zionist Regime Will Implode- Claims Jewish Iranian Lawmaker?

Iran's official PressTV picked up on an alleged comment made by Dr. Siamek Mareh-Sedq on Iran's semi-official Fars News (more like Farce News) in response to the latest self-immolation by an Israeli.  The good doctor supposedly said:
“Given the injustices that exist even with regard to the settlers inside the occupied territories, emergence of such conducts as self-immolation was predictable and I believe we will soon witness the disintegration of the Zionist regime (of Israel) from within.”

Sounds like the typical anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist rhetoric one would expect from some Muslim zealot, but Mareh-Sedq is actually the rep for Iranian Jews in Iran's parliament. Whether he actually said it is up for debate, but PressTV and Fars news would have us believe Mareh-Sedq is predicting the "imminent implosion" of Israel.

PressTV goes on to report:

The incident came just two days after another protester, 57-year-old Moshe Silman, died of the 94-percent burns he sustained after setting himself alight on July 14.

Silman self-immolated during a demonstration held to mark the first anniversary of protests against social injustice and high cost of living that swept Israel last summer. Several demonstrations have been held in support of Silman over the past days.

Demonstrators also attacked and torched the office of the National Insurance Institute in Tel Aviv a few days ago. The institute is blamed for Silman’s financial troubles and his self-immolation.

Analyzing the situation, the Iranian lawmaker said the “inhumane structure” of the Zionist regime, both within and outside the occupied territories, has incited such acts of desperation.

“The structure of the Zionist regime is inhumane; so the relations defined within this framework will not be humane and it is natural for the victims of these inhumane relations and structure to react.”

What a joke. Inhumane? At least Israel doesn't kill, torture and rape political prisoners, or people who demonstrate against the Iranian regime and its evil Mullahs. At least apostates and adulterers aren't executed or stoned to death. At least children aren't sentenced to death and executed. At least gays aren't hanged.

I have a query into an Iranian/Jewish website as to the veracity of the above quotes, but since the Internet in Iran is highly regulated, I doubt I will hear back.  I will update, if I hear back. But at this point, I would venture to say the comment was not made, misconstrued or coerced. Or he could be a Jewish anti-Zionist, they do exist.

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